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Wings of a Butterfly Bronze Butterfly Veins Art Designs
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There are butterflies that camouflauge and butterflies that just help pollinate our outdoor garden. There are thousands of different butterflies. Creating a detailed butterfly to the veins requires much patience. In this particular section we offer a highly detailed bronze butterfly that shows their vein. If you are interested in purchasing or customizing a bronze butterfly with veins you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information. When creating a custom bronze butterfly you are able to customize the material, color, style, and size.

Depending on the type of butterfly product you would like to purchase the process is different. One way to create a bronze butterfly with veins is by sculpting the bronze. After the sculpting, we then take a great deal of time creating the shape. Lastly, the customer would pick the color combination.

Another way we are able to create a bronze butterfly is by creating a mold. After the mold is created we then pour a medium. We have other mediums that we can create a butterfly vein art design. Then, we would color the butterfly accordingly to customers wants.

Other materials that we are able to incorporate with the butterfly with veins are marble, bronze, wood, fiberglass, limestone, hydrostone, cement, plaster, and many others. Our company specializes in creating custom creations. This is why we are able to create any design with any material. This is great for personal use or companies. After creating many individual products we are now able to suggest custom designs for our customers.

There are many colors that we can applyon a butterfly with detailed veins. We can create any color on the color wheel. We can even incorporate gloss and blending’s. This is great if you have a specific species of butterflies that you would like created for a company or class.

Other products that you might like are outdoor bronze butterflies, butterflies with flowers, and butterflies on leaves.


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