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We create miniature scaled models of any building, monument, or structure made at any scale for our clients.Also made by our model makers: scaled custom cars, life-sized concept cars, scaled helicopters, movie model submarines, and futuristic underwater craft upon request. Our sci-fi model making goes back for decades supplying the movie industry with some of the earliest realistic space set items andprops such as the movies: "The Right Stuff" to the first "Star Trek Motion Picture" all the way to the latest space movies like "The Astronaut Farmer" and "Armageddon". Some of our models have included: a hover taxi, transforming stage truck, ufo space ship, phaser gun, futuristic cars and ships. Much of the space models we have made are scale replicas of the NASA Apollo capsule, Apollo rocket ship, and Apollo lunar lander. Plus, we have fabricated a scaled shuttle space program rocket launch pad, shuttle cockpit exterior, shuttle stadium display replica, space simulators, International Space Station interior set for rental, space suits, movie space props, replica astronaut suits for a space pilot, cadet uniforms, futuristic astronaut suits, space helmets, etc. Almost any science or space object imaginable can be made... starting with nothing more than an idea, or a rough sketch on a napkin, using our art department can be made into a reality.
Scaled Architectural Models and Buildings
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