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Statuary Statues (Large)
Lifesize Hercules and Diomedes Staute
Lifesize Hercules and Diomedes Staute
Statuary Animals Large

Our large animal statues come in different sizes, styles, and colors. For example, a large snake statuette can come in different sizes depending on our availability. Our animal statuettes are posed in a seated position, cunning position, and many others. These animal statues can be placed in a home or a business. If you are an animal lover looking through our wide variety of animal statues can be very amusing. Our animal statues also come in different finishes. Semi-gloss and full gloss. A full gloss can give a very appealing gleem to the art-work. Some materials we offer for these are plaster, hydrostone, cement, and marble. When ordering a marble piece the specifications can be endless. A marble sculpture can be made in a completely new style if that is what you like. For example, you can request for a snake contracting a rabbit. Here we listen to our customers and deliver our products accordingly to your specifications. Besides creating a new unique sculpture you can also look through our inventory and make additions and subtrations. This is only available to selected models. We offer high quality sculptures which with our sculptors and artist we can create a completely unique animal statue for any persons taste.

Having courage like a lion, beauty like a peacock, swiftness like a jaguar, and an eye like an eagle you can relate to the animal that you order. This is why we try and create a unique catalog and listen to our customers diligently.

Some specific animals in our catalog are dog statues, eagle statues, wolf statues, fish statues, cat statues, pig statues, horse statues, dolphin statues, swan statues, rooster statues, gargoyle statues, and bull statues.

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Lifesize Hercules and Diomedes Staute
Lifesize Hercules and Diomedes Staute
Item: ST3185
Size: 18" x 26" x 57"
Weight: 0
Price: $1,200.00 USD



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