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Plates and Bowls in Plaster
Tall Classic Stand-Cone Bowl
Tall Classic Stand-Cone Bowl

Plates and bowls are great designer pieces for your home. Our plates, bowls and plasters can be catagorized from fruits to places. We offer a wide variety of reproduction and also custom art work. We have a wide variety of professionally sculpted plates, bowls and plaster for any customers unique taste. We listen to our customers and try to make anyones imagination turn into reality. With the help of our professional sculptors we help, listen, and deliver these products. Our plates are also available in different colors and sizes. Some bowls show stand in the picture which is also available for purchase. While browsing through our large inventory you can keep in mind customizing a plate, bowl or plaster is very possible. If you have an idea to customize a plates feel free to give us a call. The materials we offer for plate, bowls, and plaster vary on product.

Some specific plates, bowls, and plaster we offer are rosery art plates, waved flower pedal plates, inward spiral plates, grape embeded flower plates, lemon tree plates, raying sun plates, apple tree plates, abstract plates, dual handle bowls, tropical style bowls, grape vine plates, gauntlet bowls, plain bowls, miniature bowls, basket weave imitation bowls, sea shell bowls, fruitfull bowls, bowls to fit on stands, musical instrument plates, fish plates, triangular bowls, circular bowls, and rectangular bowls. Many bowls have unique designs so browsing through our wide selection can be a fun artistic experience.

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Tall Classic Stand-Cone Bowl
Tall Classic Stand-Cone Bowl
Item: PL2045
Size: 0" x 0" x 36"
Weight: 0
Price: $473.97 USD



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