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Figurine Size Statues
Woodgrain Chess 16 Piece Side Set
Woodgrain Chess 16 Piece Side Set
Figurine Size Statues, Sculpted Miniature Figures

Statues are large sculptures that depict a person, usually with an iconic gesture. A figurine is a smaller version of a statue. Letís say you just bought a new house recently and your motif is set, everything is nearly complete, and the large decorations are in place. All you need at this point in your interior decorating is to finish it off with a few well placed figurine size statues, this will surely put balance and harmony in the artwork of your home. In todayís age, your house should look at least as sharp as you dress, if not better! At Statue Sculptures we have a large selection of reproduction statuary and statue figurines to choose from in our gallery, a well placed statue figurine will convey your appreciation for art and add a touch of class!

Statue figurines are highly detailed pieces of sculpted art, almost miniature in size, they are typically scaled down versions of much larger monumental statues. There are many figurine size statues available in our online Catalog of Sculptures, giving you plenty of options to choose from. If you can't find the figurine you are looking for, simply fill out a Statue Research Request Form and we will search our industry contacts and resources to find the sculpture that you have been looking for. In some cases, the statue figurine you are desire may not exist, in which case our art department can either reconstruct a sculpture based on a larger sized statue or custom create a sculpture based on a photograph, drawing, or sketch art. Our sculpting team are experts in statue enlargement and the scaling down of statues to figurine size, figurine size trophy sculptures, and original figurine size sculpted artworks. We can also have these small figurine size statues carved out of real solid marble. If you are looking for a Figurine size statue to be used as a custom trophy or custom statue award, we specialize in custom statue trophy mad to your specifications.

Itís safe to assume that whatever theme you have going on in your home, office, or public display you can find a figurine to match that theme perfectly in our Gallery of Statue Figurines. We have the following sculptures and statues in various figurine sizes: a small miniature bathtub, lady in a large dress, old fashioned lady dresses, Viking figurine, wizard figurine, Medieval knight figurine, wrestling figures, figures of roman wrestlers, discus thrower statue figurine, thinking man figure, lady figurine in a bonnet, figurine of Athena, angel figurine, winged victory statue figurine, figurines of goddesses, Madonna shell figurine, Hebe goddess and Venus Di Milo Goddess figurines, three graces women figurine statues, exotic woman figurine, sexy in shape women figurines, male and female statue figurines.

Please contact our office to place an order or discuss your custom statuary project and have your figurine size statues, sculpted miniature figures custom made to your exact specifications!

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Woodgrain Chess 16 Piece Side Set
Woodgrain Chess 16 Piece Side Set
Item: ST3043
Size: 14" x 48" x 17"
Weight: 0
Price: $1,650.00 USD



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