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Buddha Statues (Large)
The Mallee Buddha
The Mallee Buddha
Buddha Statues Large

Our buddha statues consist of reproductions and unique artwork. Buddha statues can come in plaster, hydrostone, cement and marble. When ordering a product that is made of plaster, hydrostone or cement we put are able to put it through different processes for its finishing. We can make the texture flat. A flat texture can make any reproduction look like silver, gold, jade or even marble. Secondly, a semi-gloss finish can make it have a semi shine just like marble or silver. Lastly, you can request for a high gloss. With a high gloss you can get that shimmer that will appeal to any regular guest at your home or business. Additionally, when creating a finish to a product it is hand painted to give it a completely unique color. This gives our sculptures and statues the uniqueness compared to other competing businesses. If you would like to order a buddha statue that is in our listing you may request for a size change. When ordering in marble our expert sculptures take time and care to create a magnificant exhilerating art piece to your specifications. The colors for these statues and sculptures vary at the customers request. If you would like a completely custom buddha statue you can feel free to call and ask for a quote. We lsiten to our customers so while browsing take note in the different types of styles we like, and if you would like to add or subtract from the original sculpture this can be possible.

We offer large scale statues and sculpture buddhas for your place of worship.But, some more specific buddhas we have are seated buddhas, different dressed buddhas, standing buddhas, and many others.Keep in mind, while looking through this wide selection of buddhas you are able to take an original piece and modify it to a specification of your taste.

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The Mallee Buddha
The Mallee Buddha
Item: EB1021
Size: 25" x 33" x 42"
Weight: 0
Price: $2,250.00 USD



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