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Bird Bath Fountains
The West Wind Water Fountain
The West Wind Water Fountain
Bird Bath Fountains

There is a wide variety of bird bath fountains that we offer. We have many materials and styles you can choose from. has been selling different types of art work such as angel statues and dragon sculptures. You can place a bird bath fountain in many places. Bird bath bowls and fountains can be mixed and matched if that is something you are interested in. A perfect place to put a bird bath fountain is in the front yard. There is also an option where we can have a completely custom bird bath made for our customers. If you are interested in purchasing a bird bath fountain you can hit buy now or call the office for more information.

There are many stones and metals that we have for our bird bath fountains. Some stones that we can create bird bath fountains with are marble, limestone and many others. Cement bird baths are recommended, as well as other stones, to be placed outside. It is great for the birdbaths because of uncontrollable weather. If you are interested in a stone bird bath fountain you can inquire by calling the office or filling out an order form below. These stones can be both the water fountain and the bowl. Also, if you would like to view other stone bird bath fountains you are able to view them in our marble carving tabs above.

These beautiful garden fountains come in many different styles. These extravagent bird bath fountains can be placed as an indoor fountain or an outdoor fountain. These styles can be customized into any style or be one of the styles that are located here. If you had a custom design for a bird bath fountain we are able to make your dreams come true. have created many custom sculptures. If you are trying to reproduce that fountain for wholesale we can keep the mold that was made and reproduce them for you.

Again, if you are interested in purchasing a bird bath fountain or are inquiring to create a custom bird bath fountain you can call the office or fill out an order form below.

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The West Wind Water Fountain
The West Wind Water Fountain
Item: FO14
Size: 6" x 22" x 28"
Weight: 0
Price: $480.00 USD



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