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Reproduction Statues
Reproduction Statues
Many famous sculptors have created artistic sculptures that have shaped the way we view art today from Michelangelo to Leonardo Da Vinci. We offer a wide variety and vast selection of unique and traditional museum quality reproduction statuary originally created by these historical artists with your choice of custom faux finishing. Our exclusive services allow us to create quality reproduction statuary at affordable prices that enhance homes, offices and commercial environments as well as make for successful executive or corporate gifts, holiday gifts or simply as an elegant interior home decor item for you. All our statuary items are accurate reproductions of famous collectable art pieces found in some of the top museums and art galleries around the world. StatueSculptures.com has over 12,000 cast reproduction statuary art items including Classical Greek and Roman statues, sculptures, religious art, angelic statues, Buddha art, Hindu art, Western art, Asian art, Medieval art, interior decor pieces, garden ornamentation, furniture and architectural elements produced throughout history from famous artist-sculptors from around the world. StatueSculptures.com is a full-service wholesale and retail reproduction statuary business dedicated to providing quality museum replica castings that are usually faux finished to look like real marble statuary. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail regarding our hand crafted historical replica marble statues, statuary, sculptures, busts, figurines, and artifacts that are strikingly beautiful and elegant - by masterful design. While looking through our wide variety of statuary products you'll notice that we have an extensive amount of uniquely sculpted cast sculptures. Many of these are reproductions that only our company has made available. We specialize in providing everything from cast reproductions, custom faux finish painting services, mold making, casting and statue art restorations. Cast reproduction statuary items are great for home owners, interior designers, architects, and people of appreciate artists. This product can be placed anywhere to give a great distinguished and artistic feeling to a home, or business. With our affordable prices and availability confirmation service you'll find we're a great provider of reproduction statues. Some casting materials that we offer for the reproduction statuary items: hydrostone, reinforced cement, and fiberglass. If you are looking for museum quality replicas of statues to enhance your art collection, to be used as a unique gift for that special someone, or want to own a piece of history to enhance your home or business with quality reproduction statuary pieces as decorative accessories, then StatueSculptures.com is where “history meets art“, we can answer many of your statue art based questions as well. Our professionally cast statuary reproductions are faux finished and hand-painted by our talented professional artist-sculptors with many years of experience creating museum quality reproductions to look like real marble, stone or any custom color and texture you like. If you are trying to match some specific colors in your decor, we can match these colors in your statuary finished either in the base color, or in the marble veining paint color. We can provide a column, base, or pedestal, to display your statue prominentally on top of and have it faux finished to match the same color and texture making an elegant display in your home or office decor theme. Depending on the material of the reproduction statue item and what material it is cast in you can control overall weight, color, and often the same popular statuary item comes in different sizes (or scales). Our faux finish artists can create paint finishes that look like real marble, natural stone textures, bronze, or any other material that goes well with classic statues. We can also take on large projects that involve faux finishing like painting the interior walls of a retail shopping mall building with unique faux techniques, designs, and colors. We have provided faux finished cast reproduction statuary and custom commissioned and sculpted art or our private customers in homes, for public monuments, cemetary memorials, retail businesses of all kinds, state parks, home theaters, sports facilities, national organizations, and restaurants across the country. Our success has inspired many other artists and sculptors to achieve a higher standard of workmanship that goes into every art piece. If you have searched through our statue list and haven't found the statuary item you’re looking for we may still be able to help you find it! Whether you are seeking a statue, column, or a hard to find sculptural casting reproduction, know that we will check our resources to help you locate the item you seek from any one of our many statuary manufcaturers, sculpture producers, or to find out what it is going to take to have it custom made by our art department to your exact specifications! Please contact our office to discuss your project or to place an order with one of our statue art consultants. Have any of our statue reproductions painted with a custom faux finish that meets your color and texture requirements. Classic Faux Painting Finishes: Antique Bronze Finish, Antique Copper Finish, Antique Silver, Verdigris Bronze Antiquing, Brass Antiquing, Bronze Antiquing, Copper Antiquing, Gold Leaf Antiquing, Silver with Antiquing, Faux Brass Burnish, Faux Bronze Burnish, Faux Copper Burnish, Faux Silver Burnish, Gold Leafing, Black-White Faux Marble, Green-Black Faux Marble, Beige Faux Marble, Peach Faux Marble, Red Faux Marble, Travertine Faux Marble, White Faux Marble, Salmon Faux Marble, Sandstone Texture, White-Beige Antiquing, Plain White, Cherry Wood Faux Finish, Neutral Wood Faux Finish, Oak Wood Faux Finish, Dark Walnut Faux Finish, Light Walnut Finish, Ebony Wood Faux Finish.

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