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  Reproduction Statues

Many famous sculptors have created artistic sculptures that have shaped the way we view art today from Michelangelo to Leonardo Da Vinci. We offer a wide variety and vast selection of unique and traditional museum quality reproduction statuary originally created by these historical artists with your choice of custom faux finishing. Our exclusive services allow us to create quality reproduction statuary at affordable prices that enhance homes, offices and commercial environments as well as make for successful executive or corporate gifts, holiday gifts or simply as an elegant interior home decor item for you. All our statuary items are accurate reproductions of famous collectable art pieces found in some of the top museums and art galleries around the world. StatueSculptures.com has over 12,000 cast reproduction statuary art items including Classical Greek and Roman statues, sculptures, religious art, angelic statues, Buddha art, Hindu art, Western art, Asian art, Medieval art, interior decor pieces, garden ornamentation, furniture and architectural elements produced throughout history from famous artist-sculptors from around the world. StatueSculptures.com is a full-service wholesale and retail reproduction statuary business dedicated to providing quality museum replica castings that are usually faux finished to look like real marble statuary. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail regarding our hand crafted historical replica marble statues, statuary, sculptures, busts, figurines, and artifacts that are strikingly beautiful and elegant - by masterful design. While looking through our wide variety of statuary products you'll notice that we have an extensive amount of uniquely sculpted cast sculptures. Many of these are reproductions that only our company has made available. We specialize in providing everything from cast reproductions, custom faux finish painting services, mold making, casting and statue art restorations. Cast reproduction statuary items are great for home owners, interior designers, architects, and people of appreciate artists. This product can be placed anywhere to give a great distinguished and artistic feeling to a home, or business. With our affordable prices and availability confirmation service you'll find we're a great provider of reproduction statues. Some casting materials that we offer for the reproduction statuary items: hydrostone, reinforced cement, and fiberglass. If you are looking for museum quality replicas of statues to enhance your art collection, to be used as a unique gift for that special someone, or want to own a piece of history to enhance your home or business with quality reproduction statuary pieces as decorative accessories, then StatueSculptures.com is where “history meets art“, we can answer many of your statue art based questions as well. Our professionally cast statuary reproductions are faux finished and hand-painted by our talented professional artist-sculptors with many years of experience creating museum quality reproductions to look like real marble, stone or any custom color and texture you like. If you are trying to match some specific colors in your decor, we can match these colors in your statuary finished either in the base color, or in the marble veining paint color. We can provide a column, base, or pedestal, to display your statue prominentally on top of and have it faux finished to match the same color and texture making an elegant display in your home or office decor theme. Depending on the material of the reproduction statue item and what material it is cast in you can control overall weight, color, and often the same popular statuary item comes in different sizes (or scales). Our faux finish artists can create paint finishes that look like real marble, natural stone textures, bronze, or any other material that goes well with classic statues. We can also take on large projects that involve faux finishing like painting the interior walls of a retail shopping mall building with unique faux techniques, designs, and colors. We have provided faux finished cast reproduction statuary and custom commissioned and sculpted art or our private customers in homes, for public monuments, cemetary memorials, retail businesses of all kinds, state parks, home theaters, sports facilities, national organizations, and restaurants across the country. Our success has inspired many other artists and sculptors to achieve a higher standard of workmanship that goes into every art piece. If you have searched through our statue list and haven't found the statuary item you’re looking for we may still be able to help you find it! Whether you are seeking a statue, column, or a hard to find sculptural casting reproduction, know that we will check our resources to help you locate the item you seek from any one of our many statuary manufcaturers, sculpture producers, or to find out what it is going to take to have it custom made by our art department to your exact specifications! Please contact our office to discuss your project or to place an order with one of our statue art consultants. Have any of our statue reproductions painted with a custom faux finish that meets your color and texture requirements. Classic Faux Painting Finishes: Antique Bronze Finish, Antique Copper Finish, Antique Silver, Verdigris Bronze Antiquing, Brass Antiquing, Bronze Antiquing, Copper Antiquing, Gold Leaf Antiquing, Silver with Antiquing, Faux Brass Burnish, Faux Bronze Burnish, Faux Copper Burnish, Faux Silver Burnish, Gold Leafing, Black-White Faux Marble, Green-Black Faux Marble, Beige Faux Marble, Peach Faux Marble, Red Faux Marble, Travertine Faux Marble, White Faux Marble, Salmon Faux Marble, Sandstone Texture, White-Beige Antiquing, Plain White, Cherry Wood Faux Finish, Neutral Wood Faux Finish, Oak Wood Faux Finish, Dark Walnut Faux Finish, Light Walnut Finish, Ebony Wood Faux Finish.
Beveled Glass Table Tops
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Bird Bath Fountains
Bird Bath Fountain.jpg

There is a wide variety of bird bath fountains that we offer. We have many materials and styles you can choose from. Statuesculptures.com has been selling different types of art work such as angel statues and dragon sculptures. You can place a bird bath fountain in many places. Bird bath bowls and fountains can be mixed and matched if that is something you are interested in. A perfect place to put a bird bath fountain is in the front yard. There is also an option where we can have a completely custom bird bath made for our customers. If you are interested in purchasing a bird bath fountain you can hit buy now or call the office for more information.

There are many stones and metals that we have for our bird bath fountains. Some stones that we can create bird bath fountains with are marble, limestone and many others. Cement bird baths are recommended, as well as other stones, to be placed outside. It is great for the birdbaths because of uncontrollable weather. If you are interested in a stone bird bath fountain you can inquire by calling the office or filling out an order form below. These stones can be both the water fountain and the bowl. Also, if you would like to view other stone bird bath fountains you are able to view them in our marble carving tabs above.

These beautiful garden fountains come in many different styles. These extravagent bird bath fountains can be placed as an indoor fountain or an outdoor fountain. These styles can be customized into any style or be one of the styles that are located here. If you had a custom design for a bird bath fountain we are able to make your dreams come true. Statuesculptures.com have created many custom sculptures. If you are trying to reproduce that fountain for wholesale we can keep the mold that was made and reproduce them for you.

Again, if you are interested in purchasing a bird bath fountain or are inquiring to create a custom bird bath fountain you can call the office or fill out an order form below.
Bookend Statue Art
Book End.jpg

We carry a tremendous amount of bookends. We have bookends for kids and adults. The varieties of bookends are from animals to modern bookends. Besides a variety of styles we also offer many sizes and materials. Statuesculptures.com specializes in many different types of artwork, furniture, and any art niche. Bookends can be used for your childrens library or adult library. If you are interested in purchasing a bookend statue art you can click to add to the cart or you can call the office for more information.

We have cheap bookends as well as highly detailed bookends. These artistic designs can be used as kitchen bookends, antique bookends or just art bookends.

Some bookend statue art that we offer are man bookends, bird bookends, dog bookends, eagle bookends, dragon bookends, football bookends, lion bookends, elephant bookends and many more. If you have an idea for custom bookends we can have a mold made and created. After, we are able to reproduce the custom bookend at a cheaper price. If you have a drawing or a picture to make into a bookend we can make your dreams come true. If this is something you are interested in you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.

These bookends are a variety of materials. Some materials that we offer are marble bookends, wood bookends, iron bookends, bronze bookends and many other materials. If you see a bookend that you like that is not the desired material we can have them custom made to your specifications. Also, if there are materials that are not listed here you can, again, call the office or fill out an order form for more information.
Buddha Statues (Large)

Our buddha statues consist of reproductions and unique artwork. Buddha statues can come in plaster, hydrostone, cement and marble. When ordering a product that is made of plaster, hydrostone or cement we put are able to put it through different processes for its finishing. We can make the texture flat. A flat texture can make any reproduction look like silver, gold, jade or even marble. Secondly, a semi-gloss finish can make it have a semi shine just like marble or silver. Lastly, you can request for a high gloss. With a high gloss you can get that shimmer that will appeal to any regular guest at your home or business. Additionally, when creating a finish to a product it is hand painted to give it a completely unique color. This gives our sculptures and statues the uniqueness compared to other competing businesses. If you would like to order a buddha statue that is in our listing you may request for a size change. When ordering in marble our expert sculptures take time and care to create a magnificant exhilerating art piece to your specifications. The colors for these statues and sculptures vary at the customers request. If you would like a completely custom buddha statue you can feel free to call and ask for a quote. We lsiten to our customers so while browsing take note in the different types of styles we like, and if you would like to add or subtract from the original sculpture this can be possible.

We offer large scale statues and sculpture buddhas for your place of worship.But, some more specific buddhas we have are seated buddhas, different dressed buddhas, standing buddhas, and many others.Keep in mind, while looking through this wide selection of buddhas you are able to take an original piece and modify it to a specification of your taste.

Candle Holder Columns
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Candle Holder Statuary Items
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Ceiling Medallion Artworks
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Classic Female Busts
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Classic Male Sculpture Busts
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Classic Moldings
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Coffee Table Column Bases
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Column Capitals
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The upper portion of a column, pillar, or pilaster is known as a capital - the crowning piece at the very top. Many variations of the column capital have evolved since its use in ancient times and cultures. In classical Greek and Roman architecture there are three distinct principal types and orders of caps or capitals including Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. The Doric which is the most simple design and with a delicate uniting curve which is much less ornate with rounded and tearing aspects much like the simple design found on the base of most columns. The ionic capital or bracket capital has distinct spirally coiled volutes found in early Greek and Roman architecture. The Corinthian capital is the most and ornate of the classical orders with elaborate designs and decorated with acanthus leaves and scrolls. Corinthian capitals are characterized by more slender fluted shafts found more frequent that the smooth center shafts. We offer a variety columns for structural and decorative purposes made with these different Greek and Roman Column Capitals.

What many people don't realize is that a column capital is essentially an abstract sculpture of ancient plants. Since the first columns were based on plants, this fact set the stage for the art style of the capital sculptors that followed. A capital basically symbolizes the top of the plant where leaves emanate, where the sexual organs of a plant are prominently located, and where the fruits are exposed. You'll notice on many columns at the top center part of their capital column piece is usually a small flower - a sculptural symbol for the female sex organ of a plant. Early Egyptian capitals especially, but also columns, were based on the papyrus plant (used to make an early form of paper), the lotus flower, and the palm tree. Column shafts abstractly mimic the stalk of plant with the base of a column representing a tree trunk (or rooting).

Many legendary, and even mythical, plants may have had their image recorded in various columns that were carved in ancient times. It is not entirely unlikely that these most sacred plants were observed long enough for carvers to take note and incorporate them into their art before they disappeared into obscurity. The flower of life and the tree of wisdom are two such mythical plant species. When you look at every possible column capital from ancient history, accumulating all of the sculptural references, it is possible to build an accurate picture and determine what these mythical plants may have looked like, once you subtract all the unidentifiable plants. The results from this research is a point of interest to many botany enthusiasts, jungle explorers, and treasure hunters.

In earlier times Indo-Corinthian column capitals were prominently found along the sub-continent of North Western India. Most of our classical column capitals have existed in their basic form since ancient times. Gothic, Roman, and Greek column capitals are often highly detailed, well-designed, and have been sought after since their very inception. Usually the capital is most noticeable when it is on top of a column, but a capital can be displayed by itself as well. Our custom faux finish painting and artistic color coating abilities will surely give added appeal to your column capital. Stylish column capitals and our faux painting techniques make a perfect combination that will certainly make the inside of your home a visual pleasure to visitors, and for the people who live there.

You can match your columns shaft art theme to the top trim of various capitals for ultimate visual appeal. A capital is almost a requirement to make any column complete and classic. Choose between real solid marble and stone capitals (and columns) or at a considerable discount have large columns, or even small columns, painted with custom mixed colors by our faux finisher to emulate various marble, metal, and stone textures - an option we make available to all of our clients! Choose to have your column capital painted in faux marble colors, antiqued classic marble, bronze, aged silver, (or any shade of color in between) to instantly add class and style to your home. The intensity of your capital and column's sheen will also make an immediate visual impact whether you choose high reflectivity [in the glossiness of your column], or a flat non-reflective final coating, or have the shininess made somewhere in between with a semi-gloss finish.

Classical, stylish, and elegant, columns are the perfect addition to any home, business or commercial project. You can dramatically change a room with minimal effort and make your home or office look impressive and rich decorating with columns and classical reproduction statuary. Define a space with columns to create hallways while preserving openness. Columns add depth and can create an illusion of space. Outside stylish columns add a sense of grandeur to an entryway and enhance the home's curbside appeal. The architectural design of both historical and modern homes will often incorporate capitals and columns in a home's interior, even more so than the exterior. Large columns and capitals usually do the job, due to their impressive size and elegant style, drawing on the sculpted Roman and Greek classical artworks. Because of the magnificent structural detail of a column, and the proportion of the human body to a large column, onlookers usually stare in awe and wonder when standing next to one of these pieces of architectural history!

We offer decorative columns and capitals for both interior and exterior design and architectural columns including structural load bearing columns or wrap-around columns which can be fitted around existing columns, posts, or special structural round or square members. Round Wrap-Around Columns are non-load bearing but add a decorative style and impressive look for any structure private home, business or commercial project. Our columns can be used as pedestals and bases to display other statuary or collectable art with style and elegance. Using a column to display other statuary adds height to make very impressive exhibit in your home or office. We can have our talented marble carves make a custom carved column to your exact specifications and other statuary carved to match in many natural marble colors and styles. We have many cast columns and classical reproduction statuary that can be faux finished by our talented faux finish artists to match each other or colors in your interior with the coloration and texture. Our most popular faux finish is the Classical faux finish with looks like real polished marble with natural veining.

Our vast selection of columns includes real solid carved natural marble columns, stone columns and cast pieces made in several different materials including cement columns, hydrostone columns, fiberglass columns aluminum columns, plaster columns and natural wood columns. The cast columns and capitals can be custom faux finished by our faux finish artists available in many natural colors and textures. Our decorative architectural columns and capitals are not only aesthetically pleasing, but offer an investment into the beauty and style of your home and business.

We offer many different columns and column capitals including: Corinthian capital, ionic capital doric order column capital, inverted bell capital, scroll (or scrolling) capital artwork, composite capitals, acanthus leaves on capital sculptures, ionic order capital column parts, voluted capital, monumental column capital, architectural capitals, decorative capitals, classic [and classical capitals], abstract palm tree sculpted capital art, Temple of Apollo stylized capitals, Roman Colosseum capital column elements, abstractly sculpted capital foliage, Greco art capitals, Romanesque capital, gothic vine capital, empire capital, angular capital style, ornamental capital, Tuscan capital, column based ancient temple capitals, inverted column capital, inverted capitals, upside down capital as a drink coaster, regal capital column piece, detailed Corinthian capital, short capital sculpture, leafed capital top, fluted column shaft, ornate decorative capital, Roman capitals, Greek capitals, column based capital piece, capital half column base, raised column base on a box, custom column bases, square column bases, round column base, tall box mounted column base piece, tapered and rounded column base, royal capital statuary items, new style and old style leafed column capital, square fluted column shaft, round fluted shaft of a column, fluted relief columns, sculpted capital wall art, decorative columns, structural columns, rap-a-round columns with fluted shaft, columns with smooth shaft and simplified Egyptian capitals. Besides columns and capitals, also offer a wide variety of architectural cast, marble or stone products such as statuary, molding, balustrades, wall caps, copings, stair treads, fountains, planters, benches, fireplace mantels and gazebos.

Statue Sculptures is the leading provider of interior/exterior architectural and decorative columns. Using the finest materials to craft superior statuary and column products, we are matchless in customization, variety, and quality. Please contact our office to help with your statuary projects and custom made columns with your choice of size, style, color and material.

Corbel Wall Hangings
Corbel Wall Hangings.jpg

You can find a large selection of Victorian-style, Gothic, and Medieval corbels available in our online Statuary Gallery shopping cart along with our unique line of statue products including a large selection of cast reproductions, classical Greek and Roman statuary, columns, pedestals and many other one of kind custom made statuary. We provide interior decorators with stylish corbels to match whatever theme they are trying to convey. Since there are a wide variety of corbel styles and wall hangings with brackets available, choosing the right type of corbel to match the general motif of your house will help you achieve decorative harmony. Decorating with classical matching statuary where the monumental statues, columns, corbels and all the decor matches in style, color and design. Some of the corbels we offer are highly detailed sculptures of angels, animals, and period specific pieces from the following eras: Roman, Victorian, Gothic, Medieval, and Greek.

The technique of corbelling, where rows of corbels deeply keyed and anchored inside a wall support a projecting wall, parapet, corner turrets or balconies have been used since the Neolithic times. Using decorative corbels is common in Medieval architecture and in the Scottish baronial style as well as in the Classical architectural vocabulary, such as the modillions of a Corinthian cornice and in ancient Chinese architecture. In the later periods the carved foliage and other ornaments used on corbels resemble those used in the capitals of columns. Many Medieval castles, Renaissance mansions palaces and Cathedrals are adorned with corbels that are elaborately decorated and designed to structurally support the architecture with impressive style and elegance. A corbel (or console) is essentially a small wall hanging with a built-in shelf on top, typically mounted on an interior wall and used as a bracket. Corbels are generally piece of stone or marble jutting out of a wall to carry any superincumbent weight.

Versatile and easy to install, corbels can be used as decorative features in hallways and rooms, to support mantels, shelves, or ceiling arches. Outside they provide interest supporting roof overhangs. Using corbels in your interior decor they can be used to support small decorative elements like plants, statues, candles family pictures or any collective art work you would like to proudly display. Corbels also provide support for shelves and kitchen counters, bathrooms and bedrooms. Two matching corbels provide the perfect supports for a mantle above a fireplace. Corbels spaced at consistent intervals create a sense of visual order on your wall. Corbels are typically placed on both sides of a door, or along the walls of your hallway where candles, or electric lights, can be decorated where additional light is needed. People often perceive each other by how they decorate their home or work space, in today's day and age the decorative aspects of your home serve as a barometer for people to see what kind of person you are.

Use of just one corbel is not uncommon at the end of a hall, or along a wall in your guest (or master) bathroom. When more than one or two corbels are used in a row its known as corbelling. When more than two corbels are arranged together its referred to as a corbel table, they can function like brackets by using two (or more) corbels with a board on top, or glass piece, or a shelf for books to be organized on your wall. Sculpted and/or carved corbels make affordable fireplace mantle support brackets for a simple fireplace shelf, a solid marble slab mantle top, or a glass mantle shelf piece.

Corbels may be used under kitchen cabinets, and other cabinetry around your house, to give the appearance of structural supports, yet truthfully serving as a decorative interior effect. In earlier times, corbels where used to support balconies, porches, and elaborate window frames. Nowadays, corbels are used as decorative enhancements to give your home the same ancient, or Medieval, architectural look from the past. In the process of church or Medieval castle construction, corbelling was primarily used for the upper levels of a castle and under corner turrets, when defending the castle objects could be thrown at the enemy, in between an opening in the corbels. In the Medieval era, corbels were designed to support stairways that protruded from the outside of castle walls. Since Neolithic/Medieval times, corbels have been used to support shelves and projecting walls (as in castle building), especially in Scottish, English, and on occasion, Chinese architecture.

Corbels that are built to be used architecturally are available upon request and can be cast in cement with iron rebar embedded inside each casting. The iron rebar can be made to stick out of the corbel so that you can incorporate the corbels easily into your wall and/or ceiling in a more structurally permanent basis - with the use of a masonry professional to install them, of course. Nowadays, from an architectural point of view, structural corbel vaulting is not so common, due to modern building materials being much lighter than the stone used in ancient times. This makes using corbels even more interesting, since it is less common in modern interior (and exterior) house designs. Being that most corbels are purely decorative, you can place them anywhere you like, as opposed to limited use as structurally supportive architectural pieces.

If you need exterior corbels we can upgrade the material used in the casting process to cement, hydrostone, fiberglass or natural carved marble or stone depending on your exact project requirements. Let us know your project requirements and we will do the research within our art department, and talented sculptor artists, to solve your unique custom corbel and statuary needs.

We stock pre-sculpted reproduction corbels in the following varieties: cherub corbels, griffin brackets, crouched griffin or devil creature wall art, young angel, bearded man, niche corbel, goat head corbel shelf, corbels with leafing, elephant head corbel, long tusk elephant shelf, shell shelving, ornate corbel, corbel of a duck, cone shaped corbels, roman capital styled corbel, lion's mane, lion door knocker corbel, royal corbel hanging, ribbon wall hanging, angel wall hangings, horned devil man corbel, Catholic church window frame casting, boy scout symbol brackets, Corinthian capital wall hanging, detailed sculpted wall leaf, human face in corbels, Valentines heart wall hanging, female figure corbel sculpture, corbel with drapery, sea shell symbolic corbel artwork, religious figure corbel art, winged lion holding family shield wall hanging art piece, twisted column supported niche with sea shell geometry roof, merman statue sculpted on a corbel, grape leaf and grape vine grapes wall hanging corbel art, angelic figure holding a bowl of holy water, pineapple fruit corbel sculptural element, wall hanging resembling an ancient wall torch, angel playing a violin musical instrument, corbel with sculpted flowers, peacock bird wall hanging, black child angel corbel, white child angel corbel, giant nostrils on a corbel, urn and three roses sculpted corbel, stars at night scene, blooming sun flowers corbel, ancient female figure wall hanging corbel, and an arched smooth niche casting with bracketing.

We can have any of our existing reproduction cast corbels custom faux finished to look like real marble or stone. If you are looking for authentic real carved marble, granite or stone beautifully carved by our skilled stone sculptor artists made in many natural colors. We can have our marble carvers make all your statuary to match and carved out of the same solid block of marble or stone.

Please contact our office to discuss your custom project to have the corbels custom made to your exact specifications.

Decorative Animal and Nature Items

Decorate your home office, or virtually any room in your house, with animal statue items that will enhance your self awareness through the psychology of animal association. Keep yourself happily distracted, productive, and motivated by decorating your kitchen, dining table, cabinet shelves, dresser tops, and your work desk with small animal sculptures and animal figurines that will quickly make your environment more comfortable to spend time in - simply by bringing symbols of nature indoors. It may seem insignificant, but associating yourself with an animal is not only normal, it also lets your personality shine through! Let people know what animal you personally identify with (a.k.a. your inner animal or animal spirit) by purchasing a decorative animal statue today!

Many people collect nature sculptures, wildlife sculptures or pet statues, of a specific animal and are always on the lookout for additional animal figurines to add to their existing collection. Once you get started collecting animals its hard to resist adding a final figurine piece to complete your nature display of small animal statues. If you are a nature or animal lover, our animal figurines are great in that they give you the satisfaction of identifying with your favorite animal, or any other specific animals you also collect. Picking the right animal should be easy if you think about it. For instance, if you are attracted to lions you might have dominant or prideful qualities. Are you ambitious, confident, independent, and loyal?  Or perhaps you have a physical resemblance to the lion such as beautiful long blond hair. What traits do you have that relate to the animal kingdom? People that you are trying to get to know may look at you in a different light, in the future, after you reveal yourself to them through association with your favorite animal.

Having the insight to decorate your home or office with a a unique animal statue sculpture shows people what kind of person you are, why decorate with random items that don't match your personality? This may seem trivial, but decorative animal sculptures can also do wonders for a persons psyche by keeping their mind off of the stresses of life - if only for a moment, its worth it! Don't restrict this concept to animal figurines, it applies to any decorative nature item, or animal statue or personal loved pet sculpture that you deem enjoyable to have around. We have custom life size animal statues that are very impressive including horses, bears, bulls, deer, elk and many more either cast or carved in beautiful natural stone or marble for a monumental impressive look!

Present your personal tastes by providing a soothing animal friendly environment for your house guests to enjoy. If you are looking to achieve a general animal theme in your house, or office desk space, purchasing the right small decorative animal figurines will surely do the trick. For example, if your daughter is in love with unicorns why not put multiple unicorn figurines in and around her room to make her happy when she needs cheering up, on her birthday, or as an upcoming holiday gift. Our online Gallery of Statues is not restricted to animal figurines, we also have a large selection of cast small animal decorative items, additional statuary art pieces, statue figurines, and various sculptures to choose from. Any of our cast animal sculptures can be custom faux finished in natural marble bronze or other colors hand painted to your specific requirements. We can have any animal statue you see on our site or from a picture you provide sculpted in real solid marble ,granite or stone in any size your desire as a one of a kind art piece.

Having a life size horse sculpture makes a very impressive display for any home, ranch or public facility. Horses have bee a part of human history from the beginning which helped build civilizations as transpiration, hunting, farming, battles and everything we can appreciate horses for. The equestrian statue, with a horse-mounted rider, dates back to ancient Rome, when military leaders and emperors commissioned bronze statues to emphasize their leadership roles which carried on through the Renaissance and later to the United statues. Horse statues are very impressive and are available from small desk top horse statues to large monumental horse statues. We are proud to offer a large selection of horse statues, bronze horse sculptures, and horse head busts in many different materials sizes and styles. Works of art depicting the beautiful and elegance of the horse remain an extremely popular choice for choosing Statue Sculptures custom sculpting services!

We specialize in custom pet sculptures to preserve and honor the loving memory of a lost four-legged friend or a pet that you are currently enjoying, Statue sculptures is the choice for unique, quality and professional Custom made Pet Sculptures. We can either have your pet sculpted and cast in bronze or carved in stone. granite or beautiful marble to create a lasting one-of-a-kind memory of your pet that will be around for years to come, preserved forever and to remind you of your wonderful pet and best friend. Each pet sculpture is meticulously hand crafted by our skilled artisans using pictures you provide and in the pose you would like to capture there likeness and personality either sitting, standing or running the choice is yours. Once we get starter on the sculpting process, our master craftsmen will provide pictures of your custom pet statue for your final approval or to make changes as you deem necessary to make the piece exactly as you envision. Please contact our office to discuss your custom pet sculpture with our staff of professional artists and sculptures.

At Statue Sculptures we have a very large selection of animal sculptures and animal statues available including the following animal and nature sculpture items: wildlife sculpture, dog sculptures, canines, felines, pedigree animals, bulldog, horse, cat, African elephants mating, elephant with tusks, teddy bear sculpture, life size bull statue, life size grizzle bear statue, lion statue, sitting lion on a base or coffin, bust of a growling lion, mountain lion, striped tiger, purring cat, sleeping cat, zebra sculpture, Australian koala statue, long haired dog sculpture, rabbit, flop eared bunny, short ear bunny, frog on a lilly, bull frog, kitten, squirrel, talking bird, kittens, kittens in a basket, wiener dog statue, labrador puppy, greyhound, dalmatian, boxer dog, short legged dog, poodle, chihuahua, twisted dragon, snail sculpture, armadillo, mother and baby deer, life size horse statue, beautiful horse prancing, galloping horse statue, horses rearing, child feeding a horse, horse and rider, wolf sculpture, eagle sculpture, life size elk statue, life size dear statue, sea otter, mother seal and baby seal, sea lion, dolphins, penguins, tropical fish, three monkeys, monkey hear monkey see monkey do, chimpanzee reading a book, buffalo sculpture, alligator, hyena's howling, kangaroo, pride of lions, cheetah statue, ram, African rhino, mother and baby elephants, giraffe, bear sculpture, baby and mama bear, sleeping horse, pig sculpture, chipmunks, bear with fish in mouth, hawk, chickens and rooster, seagull, ducks, penguin, cartoon rabbit character, baby doggie, Egyptian sphinx, Mayan sphinx, Egyptian scarab beetle, Egyptian dog, scary griffin, winged griffin, crouched griffin statue, almost comical griffin, winged animal woman, child riding a fish, medieval knight on a horse, pig baker cook, gizmo from gremlins movie, African abstract bird art piece, Native American on horseback with a raised skull of a bull on his shield, Roman chariot and charioteer, Mickey mouse in a wizard costume, lady walking two dogs, and a mermaid riding a dolphin sculpture.

Desk Top Decor Art
Desk Top Decor Art.jpg

Our desk top art is in the form of cardholders and the rest are sculpted pen holders. Desk top sculptures should have other purposes beyond serving as visual treats! Decorations for your desk top are best when they are practical, like a pen holder or business card holder. Our selection of card holders and pen holders (essentially desk size sculptures) are stylish and will fit in at any work space. In the end, these desktop decorations should accent your desk. Desktop decor will show what you value and what inspires you in life and work. Don’t clutter your desktop with useless decor items that have no meaning to you. Your desk top must be neat and tidy, yet it should show at least a little bit of your personality. Decorate your desktop with meaningful and useful statues to hold your business cards and to keep your favorite writing pens or pencils in.

Don't underestimate the need for the brain to reduce stress, in even the most minute amount. Arrange objects that have meaning to you into a kind of altar, as we all do (whether we admit it or not), on your desk and office work areas to evoke a sense of ease in your mind. Your desk altar is something that must be kept up with, as animals and people cross your path, they may re-arrange (or more likely disorganize and scatter) the physical or subtle elements of your altar. There is a kind of subconscious power that comes from placing favorable items and decorations in concert with each other on your desk, even if for non-functional reasons. Work can be stressful enough; surround yourself with positivity and let the decor on your desktop be a playground for your imagination! The items you have on your desk, from your business card holder to your pen holder and paperweights (if you should need them) affect your subconscious mind, the more intention that goes into the arrangement of your decorative pieces, the more you will feel like you are in control of your environment, which will be re-enforced visually every time you see it. The more thought you put into the arrangement of the items in your environment, the more confidence you gain, on many levels. This mindfulness brings about a deeper understanding of how the mind re-enforces itself: through control of objects in the external world. In simple terms, build an altar to give your confidence and feeling of well being a boost.

We carry the following desk top pen and business card holders: soccer ball pen holder, sculpted football dual pen holder, statue business card holder sculptures, rotary telephone statue, race car sculpture for office desk, sculpted flowers business card holder, old West gun and gun belt card holder for your business, old West horse saddle holder of business cards, small sculpture of roller skate, sculpture of an old fashion computer with monitor and keyboard as one unit, large pencil holder sculpture of a thick pencil, meowing cat pen holder, owl business card holder, and Egyptian Pharaoh desk top statuary art pieces.

End Table Columns
End Table Columns.jpg

It’s a fact that we need tables in life. A table where we eat, tables for putting out decorations, table tops (or dresser tops) for small framed pictures of your family and close friends, and other ornaments of personal significance. For students, having the right table to work on is important for organizing paperwork, reading books, storing folders, artwork, hobby projects, and of course homework. In today’s day and age everything has its proper place, and visual satisfaction is a must! Proper feng-shui (an ancient Chinese system of space arrangement according to special rules about the flow of energy, aimed at achieving harmony with the environment) will enhance every aspect of a person’s life, perhaps purchasing the perfect column end table will help you achieve this!

Many of our end table columns and coffee column tables are the classical Greek and Roman style with different capitals including, Corinthian, Doric and Ionic with either a smooth or fluted center shaft. The average height for end tables or coffee column tables is between 18- 22 inches which also works well for displaying statuary art work that are also about that size. We can match almost any theme you can think of with our unique end tables and end column statuary art pieces. If you want to go for a Greek motif in your house, try our Roman or Greek style columns as the table legs. There are other stylish end tables with unique sculptures for table legs, not only classic column fluting. Other column end tables we reproduce are angels, cupids, and other sculpted animals that make perfect end table column legs.

Our experienced faux finisher artists can have your end table custom painted with a finish and texture that looks like real marble and outer natural materials at no extra cost when you use our company, the cost of faux finishing is already included. If you need the end table column to match a specific room color, or color sample, then customizing the color of your end table columns is the only way to get the right interior look that will go with your existing furniture, or interior walls. For a very impressive look with your decor, having matching classical reproduction statuary faux finished to match will be very impressive. When you place a Greek or Roman statue, bust or other collectable art piece on your end table column or coffee column table will add more height to your display for that elegant visual appeal. We offer statuary discounts when you order statue and end column base combinations, If you have the budget we offer real solid carved marble, granite and stone end table columns and coffee column tables made to your exact specifications and desired dimensions in many beautiful natural colors.

Once you've set aside time for redecorating your house, condo, or apartment [or if you are decorating for the first time], selecting the most suitable table is critical. Finding the right table columns can be a challenge, fortunately we have a variety of unique end table columns that will surely make your home look like a movie set, a classic era, or a Beverly Hills mansion. Some of our column end tables have unique table legs that can be used individually to make a bed stand. An end table with a glass top, or two table columns together, can be used to make a coffee table, foyer table, hallway table, or lobby column table. Three end table columns are useful for creating a large circular glass table since the columns stabilize the table in tripod fashion. Four table columns can be arranged to make a large office desk, or a large column based glass dining table. You can order your table columns and glass top separately, construct any column based table you need for the home or office environment with whatever size glass top you wish. Once you choose the exact end table columns you want, you can have the columns height adjusted/customized (upon request if necessary). Remember, custom surface texturing effects and faux finish painting is included at no extra cost!

End table columns we stock are available in the following varieties: round elephant end table, square base elephant end table, 1920's art deco column end tables, regal roman end table columns, lion end table, fluted column end table, camel square base table end, drapery end table columns, griffin or vampire table column, hexagonal column end table, square column table base ends, swan animal end tables, smooth table ends, half-circle table bases, decorative Greek and Roman column end tables, sculpted tree trunk table column ends, children or cherub end table, leafed column capital tables, Atlas holding up the world "muscular man" end table statue, old Egyptian style column end table, large palm leaf end table columns, winged lion table end piece, grape vine column table end, pinched modern type columns and end table statues, relief sculpture end table column, square block end table, simple column end table, twisted ornate shaft end table column art, Corinthian column table end, hexagonal end table, octagon table column, and mermaid statue end table column bases.

Please contact our office to place an order or discuss your custom statuary project and have your end table columns and coffee column tables custom made to your exact specifications.

Female Busts
Rome, appealing to all social classes from slaves to gladiators all the way up to the emperor himself. The popularity of Roman chariot racing is reflected in the many Roman household items that were decorated with valiant charioteer racing motifs. Roman slaves were often made into charioteers (called aurigae or agitatores), or gladiators, who fought for their freedom with the aid of a team of horses, a chariot and perhaps some armor. Notice the Trojan mohawk on the helmet of the chariot driver statue.
Figurine Size Statues
Figurine Size Statues.jpg

Statues are large sculptures that depict a person, usually with an iconic gesture. A figurine is a smaller version of a statue. Let’s say you just bought a new house recently and your motif is set, everything is nearly complete, and the large decorations are in place. All you need at this point in your interior decorating is to finish it off with a few well placed figurine size statues, this will surely put balance and harmony in the artwork of your home. In today’s age, your house should look at least as sharp as you dress, if not better! At Statue Sculptures we have a large selection of reproduction statuary and statue figurines to choose from in our gallery, a well placed statue figurine will convey your appreciation for art and add a touch of class!

Statue figurines are highly detailed pieces of sculpted art, almost miniature in size, they are typically scaled down versions of much larger monumental statues. There are many figurine size statues available in our online Catalog of Sculptures, giving you plenty of options to choose from. If you can't find the figurine you are looking for, simply fill out a Statue Research Request Form and we will search our industry contacts and resources to find the sculpture that you have been looking for. In some cases, the statue figurine you are desire may not exist, in which case our art department can either reconstruct a sculpture based on a larger sized statue or custom create a sculpture based on a photograph, drawing, or sketch art. Our sculpting team are experts in statue enlargement and the scaling down of statues to figurine size, figurine size trophy sculptures, and original figurine size sculpted artworks. We can also have these small figurine size statues carved out of real solid marble. If you are looking for a Figurine size statue to be used as a custom trophy or custom statue award, we specialize in custom statue trophy mad to your specifications.

It’s safe to assume that whatever theme you have going on in your home, office, or public display you can find a figurine to match that theme perfectly in our Gallery of Statue Figurines. We have the following sculptures and statues in various figurine sizes: a small miniature bathtub, lady in a large dress, old fashioned lady dresses, Viking figurine, wizard figurine, Medieval knight figurine, wrestling figures, figures of roman wrestlers, discus thrower statue figurine, thinking man figure, lady figurine in a bonnet, figurine of Athena, angel figurine, winged victory statue figurine, figurines of goddesses, Madonna shell figurine, Hebe goddess and Venus Di Milo Goddess figurines, three graces women figurine statues, exotic woman figurine, sexy in shape women figurines, male and female statue figurines.

Please contact our office to place an order or discuss your custom statuary project and have your figurine size statues, sculpted miniature figures custom made to your exact specifications!

Final Statuary Art
Final Statuary Art.jpg

Let’s say you have a basic king or queen size bed headboard; you can add flair and style to it by installing custom bed post finals onto the top of your bed posts. Our unique bed post caps (aka capitals) will surely transform any bedroom in your house with an elegance fit for royalty. Our elegant bed post finals will make you feel like a king, or queen! Unique and stylish bed post tops (aka finals) are available in our online Statuary Gallery. Choose from the following varieties: tapered cylinder finals, egg-like sculpted final shapes, obelisk, pyramid final, fruit platter finals, fleur-de-lis post "capital" top piece, sphere or ball post top, urn-like final sculptures, sculpted pineapple fruit and fruit bowl sculptures.

You may think that the bedroom is the last place to express your love for the arts, not so! Your bedroom should be on the top of the list of places to show your personality. Due to the fact of how much time you spend there in comparison to any other room, it deserves your full attention when decorating it. Beds have been around for a long time, no doubt. It’s where we sleep and get life rejuvenating rest. In early times we decorating our beds with leaves, twigs, and animal furs, eventually moving on to modern beds with raised mattresses, bed posts, and standard headboards. We were no longer satisfied with just a simple place to lay our heads; we needed to look good while we slept! In today’s world, the style of your home is often a measuring stick for success, and the bedroom is a good place to start, you deserve it!

Now you can shop for bed post sculptures online and have them conveniently shipped to your home to enhance the look of the tops of your bedroom bed posts. It is often much cheaper to replace your existing final pieces (aka bed post caps, or tops to the posts) than to replace your entire bed headboard and bed posts set. Create a new look by merely adding bed post finals where there were none before, or replace your existing post tops with something more fitting to your personality. Many of our customers like to use the finals as stand alone artworks placed on the top of a dresser, coffee table, dining table, or used to top the posts of staircase railings.

If you need a statue finial made as a bedroom post top, we can have it faux finished in many natural colors or have it custom made to your design and specifications. Please call our office to place an order or custom statue final project.

Fireplace Mantles
Fireplace Mantles.jpg

For many centuries, fireplaces have warmed our homes, businesses, lodges and from monumental castles to simple mountain cabins. Today, whether functional or purely for aesthetics, the fireplace still has a special place in our homes providing a warm comfortable environment. At Statue Sculptures, our carved stone decorative fireplace mantels and faux painted mantel fireplaces are exquisitely designed to add a classic decorative theme to the interior rooms of your home, estate or commercial facility. Make your fireplace a true focal point with one of our custom decorative fireplace mantels which is a wonderful way to turn an ordinary room into a showroom. We offer a vast array of designs that will complement and enhance any decorating scheme that can be truly stunning in style and elegance. A custom designed decorative fireplace mantel can be considered a piece of artwork as precious as any painting statue you might have in your living space. We specialize in decorative fireplace mantels, fireplace surrounds, marble fireplace mantels, cast fireplace mantels, mantel shelves, custom mantel fireplace accessories and fireplace designs. We offer a vast array of fireplace designs and styles that will complement and enhance any decorating scheme.

At Statue sculptures features a large selection of shelves and fireplace surrounds. Our extensive Marble, stone, wood and precast concrete or hydrostone mantels featuring unique styles, sizes, colors and materials, enables you to find the perfect overmantel for your home. We have a many different reproduction fireplace mantels cast in cement, hydrostone and other durable materials that can be custom faux finished to look like real marble, stone in any color you need for your decor. Our faux painted mantel fireplaces are a beautiful way to provide an exceptional authentic looking fire place at affordable prices. If you looking for the value and natural beauty of hand carved real solid marble, granite, travertine or stone, we have a variety of different marble fireplace surround styles that are period specific including American, Roman, English, German, French, Victorian, modern, antique, columned, statuary, floral, art deco, distressed fireplace and much more. Our master craftsman create these exact reproductions of superbly carved, authentic and architecturally correct antique design fireplace mantels with all the hairline details that give our mantels the feel and character of the original historic fireplaces. From Castilian to contemporary, Gregorian to gorgeous, our custom fireplaces replicate centuries old designs and bring your favorite theme to life. Enjoy the timeless beauty of simple elegance. The perfect symmetry and delicate curvature of our masterly hand-carved fireplaces will add just the right balance to their surroundings. In most cases, our mantels fit a variety of firebox dimensions. We can also create a custom fireplace mantel sized to fit most special situations. We are committed to your satisfaction whether you are a consumer interested in a single fireplace mantel or a professional with unique challenges.

Our talented design team and artist stone carvers ensures each new fireplace mantel is manufactured from the finest materials with careful craftsmanship, and customized to fit to your beautiful home. All our marble fireplaces are hand carved in pure natural marble or stone that you can choose from our many different colors and polishes of marble that will be suitable to add to the beauty and luster of your new or existing decor. We are committed to your satisfaction whether you are a consumer interested in a single fireplace mantel or a professional with unique challenges. Select one of our stylish mantels, existing fireplace designs or we'll create a mantel to fit your unique style made to your exact specifications and required dimensions. Hand carved custom fireplace mantels are completely unique and exceptionally beautiful. Provide us with a picture, sample, drawing or describe a scene, and we'll have our artist stone sculpture artistically custom carve a one of a kind fireplace mantel exclusively for you! This masterpiece will leave a lasting impression of beauty and luxury to enjoy within you home. We can also provide marble statuary, columns and accents carved to match your fireplace mantel with color and style. It always gives you a nice feeling to warm your family next to an elegantly designed fireplace, especially during the holidays!

Please contact our office for personal sales assistance to create your custom Decorative Fireplace mantel please fill out our custom art form with your information and ideas.

Lamp Statue Bases
Lamp Statue Bases.jpg

A lamp is a medium-sized light base that has been used throughout time, even before the light bulb was invented. In today’s day and age the light source of a lamp has changed from whale oil to the LED light bulb, but that’s not the only thing that changed; lamps today have highly detailed sculptures and statues as an integral part of their bases.

We have very unique decorative lamp statue lights made from a large selection of Reproduction Statues that are available in your choice of faux finish at no extra cost! One of our most popular finishes is our faux marble which has the look and feel of real solid marble. Our talented faux finish artists can make your lamp statue in a beautiful selection of finishes to look like real bronze, marble or any color and texture you are trying to achieve with your decor. These statue lamps are available in may sizes for desk top to large life size statue floor lamps. Our accent statue Lamps and sculpted light bases will add warmth and color to any room in your home, estate or office. We can also have a custom sculpted statue made from your own design and dimensions carved in beautiful stone or marble. Our marble statue lamps and sculpted bronze statue lamps will turn your everyday lighting needs into a unique conversation piece. Proudly display these lamp statues on a table, shelf, or fireplace mantle. With a custom lamp statue or sculpture light base we can design the lamp with a variety of fixtures and decorative lamp shades to make the decor in your home or office look stunning and exceptional!

At Statue Sculptures we make many a variety of statues ready-to-go as lamps, or lamp bases (lamp shades are not included). In addition, almost any standard statue can be converted into a lamp. Our team of designers, stone carvers, casting experts, and faux finishers can facilitate all of your statue lamp, and lamp base customization needs. Most of what you see in this section of sculpture lamps are the varieties that come ready-to-go, statue lamp bases you can plug-in to a wall outlet and start enjoying right away. These lamps will turn your everyday lighting needs into a unique elegant conversation piece that will be a great attraction in any room! Our sculptural lighting lamp statue themes range from the religious, angel statue lamps, to animal lamp sculpture bases, Greek and Roman statue lamps, marble statue lamps, bronze statue lamp, warrior lamps, goddess lamp statues, column lamps, horse head lamp, horse statue galloping, bull lamp statues, human figures at work light base, fireman statue lights, artistic column light, vase lamp statuary light, train lamp lights, boat and shop lamp, house light lamp, sculpture lamp bases, rock lamps and more.

We are dedicated to provide all your statuary needs to complete your decor for your home or business including full size museum quality reproduction statues, busts, columns, corbels, fireplace mantels and custom hand carved marble or stone statue projects. Please contact our office to place an order from our gallery or to discuss your custom lamp statue project with our staff or please fill out our custom art form with your information and ideas.

Large Vases, Jugs, and Urns
Large Vases, Jugs, and Urns.jpg

Our unique vases, jugs and urns comes in all shapes and sizes. All our sculpture vases, jugs and urns are made of different materials. These different materials can be mixed and matched with the sculptures at the customers request. We offer a wide variety of sculpture vases, jugs and urns to fit all of our customers tastes. We would love to hear if you have a custom sculpture vase, jug and urn that is unique. You can create a completely new style. For example, a dolphin shaped marble 5 foot bronze vase would be completely unique. Some of our vases, urns, and jugs consist of many different patterns such as floral with angels and fruits. With our professional sculptors we can achieve any goal. At the time of calling we can give you a rough estimate and we can also arrange any type of plan to get you your product. While looking through our wide selection of vases, jugs and urns you can keep in mind we can add and subtract to customize the sculpture even more. Some catagories of vases, jugs and urn sculptures we offer are animal vases, abstract jugs, plain urns, worded urns, and many others.

More specific vases, jugs and urns we offer are lion sculpture vases, egyptian jugs, imitation basket weaved vases, imitation damaged urns, pedestal shaped urns, large water jugs, sculpture water jug, wide jugs, fire top urns, flower shaped vase, tropical shaped basket, tropical decorated vase, elegant sculpted vases, multi-designed vases, snakes, desert scenary vases, heart urns, pelikan vase, person embedded vases, robe wrapped vases, and sea shell urns. Remember, keep in mind youa are able to reconstruct these if you like.
Mask Relief Sculptures
Mask Relief Sculptures.jpg

One of the most traditional ways to uniquely decorate your wall decor is with intriguing and artistic mask relief sculptures and mask relief art. Decoration with wall masks will bring a fun way to add some unique eye catching decorating touches to your home. These wall hanging mask sculptures have a long and fascinating history depicting people in different moods of happiness and expression. Some traditional masks such as African and other tribal masks have many different cultural and religious meanings to as valued interest to your mask relief art sculpture. Our unusual selection of wall masks can express your quirky personality, and are an enchanting addition or substitution for traditional photographs and framed paintings. Mask relief art provides a thee dimensional look which is much more impressive than a flat framed picture. With the right lighting your mask relief sculptures will almost come to life with the shadows and reflections. Of course, there are usually areas in a house that could always use some brightening touches. Wall masks are the perfect solution if you are trying to liven up a drab hallway or a boring office space that could use a little excitement. Children’s rooms are especially conducive to the lighter touch a butterfly mask can bring. Mask relief sculptures are also great ideas that can be cause for a home’s entire theme. Media rooms, libraries, and dens can often use a festive touch as well!

Even though masks have been used throughout human history to conceal one’s identity. Relief sculptures of masks can be used for fun on the holidays, for theatrical purposes, or to entertain people at social functions. Nowadays, masks are gaining popularity as interior wall decorations, wall art if you will. For example, iconic masks like the Phantom of the Opera are used to add mystique and fun to any room instantly once the mask is properly hung on your wall. If you love masks, surround yourself with them! We have mask relief art that is made of many different materials and can have our talented faux finish artists custom finish them in any colors or color combinations you desire. We also have hand carved traditional wood tribal masks from Africa and other areas of the world that are one of a kind collectable art pieces. If you are looking for a custom made mask sculpture we can have our artist designers make one to your exact specifications and dimensions.

At Statue Sculptures we have a great selection of quality and authentic Mask sculptures, abstract Relief Sculptures animal masks and more! We offer many different mask relief wall art from tribal mask, African masks, Zulu masks, comedy Mask ,sad mime mask, happy mime sculpture mask, mask of cat woman, feline face woman, Phantom of the Opera mask, butterfly mask, Chef Mask Plaque, mask with hat, star face wall relief sculpture, full moon mask relief art of face, Mardi Gras mask sculpture, baker (or chef) mask, Cat Mask, theatrical happy face mask, sad face theatre mask, happy, sad masks and custom made hand carved masks.

Please contact our office to place an order from our mask relief art gallery or to discuss your custom mask sculpture project with our staff or please fill out our custom art form with your information and ideas.

Old West Western Statues (Large)
Old West Western Statues (Large).jpg

The wild west of the late 1800s was a vast country across the United States where early settlers, pioneers, cowboys and native American Indians lived and explored this vast open country. Todays western life style living was promoted by our western heritage as a fun and cozy way to cowboy up home decor with old west western statues. Western appreciation is often portrayed by cowboy statues, horse statues, native american sstatues and other wild west style statuary. In homes and businesses across the country western décor is an expression of love and devotion to the authentic western life style. True western décor sends a strong message of hard work, strength of character and a love of the rural ranch style of living. American West-oriented art is sometimes referred to as "Western Art" by Americans where our talited sculpture artists focus their work on representations of the American Old West.

Statue Sculptures specializes in uniquely themed decorating old west statues and accessories for the home, office, and garden including cowboy statues, western theme decorations, Cowboy and Indian [Native American] statues, or old west sculptures, can add a great wild West feeling to your home, office or public facility. If you are decorating your house with a Western theme we have what you are looking for. The selection of old Western theme statues we offer are: Native American statues, old West Western sculptures, police officer statues, fireman statue, statue of baker, indian chief statues, sitting Native American chief, cowboy sitting on the fence, chaps wearing cowboy statue, old West gunfighter art, old West wrangler statue, Western lady sculpture, cowboys friendly embrace, Indian woman, cancan girl, basket girl statue, winged Native American man, guitar playing Westerner, old fashioned clown, Laurel and Hardy sculptures, civil war statue, Western cactus sculpture, well dressed old West statue art, old West children statues, Western rodeo horse statue, Mexican cowboy statue, and cowboy boot sculpture art. Need a horse statue or horse sculpture? You've come to the right place!

We offer many differant reproduction cast old west statues and native American statues that can be faux finished to look like real bronze our other natural material. We also have solid real marble or bronze western statues availble and can be custom made to your exact design, spefications and dimentions from small to large (life-size) monumentail horse and rider statues. If you provide us with pictures of what you want the faces of your old West statues to look like, whether they be based on a particular movie star cowboy (John Wayne for example), a family ancestor that you have an old photograph of, or if you want to base an old West theme statue on yourself, we can accommodate your request! Almost any unique Western theme statue idea you can think of can be made into a sculpture with the help of our art department and team of sculptors from around the world. From quality bronze sculpture reproductions to one-of-a-kind sculpture masterpieces. If you don't see it on our site we can get it or make it for you.

Remember a time when the land was free and you had to rely on horses and wagons for transportation, when the West had not been won yet?. Decorating your house with a Western theme is even more meaningful if you’ve had relatives that played a major, or even minor roll in the shaping of North America. Purchasing an Old West statue or sculpture is a great way to remember the pioneers of the old West! Our old west statuary will stand the tests of time. If you do not see what you are looking for in our online catalog, contact our office or fill out the custom statue form and we will happily discuss your creative ideas.

Ornamental Animal Plaques
Ornamental Animal Plaques.jpg

Our animal plaques are flat wall ornaments that are based on animals, marking a significant person [in history] or seasonal event. Since the dawn of time people have been enamored by animals and have kept animal sculptures as keepsakes. Perhaps because it signified that the person, or family, was able to capture said animal and have it made into ornamental relief art piece. However, not all people take pleasure in killing real animals; some people just like animals in general, so animal plaques and ornamental relief art is the best substitute! Animals make cool ornamental sculptures to decorate your house with your favorite animals.

Having an animal sculpture plaque enables a person’s inner animal to emerge from within, just by the sight of the animal art. For example, if you have great eyesight, good enough that your friends call you by the name "night hawk", wouldn’t you appreciate an animal plaque of a hawk with your nickname engraved on it? Having an animal plaque in one of your rooms can help unleash the animal within. Not to be taken in literal terms, but we have something special within ourselves that makes us feel a connection with animals - this much is undeniable!

We have a large selection of animal plaques available in our online Gallery of Plaques, and in your local ornamental stores that retail our animal plaques. An ornamental plaque is a small wall sculpture, usually a relief art work, that can be hung on a wall, it is flat on the back side and sculpted on the front side with great artistic detail. Picking the right animal for yourself will be easy with our huge collection of ornamental relief art plaques to choose from.

To achieve a common theme in the decorative character of your home, simply picking the right animal plaque can often do the trick. For example, if you have a room filled with mounted game animals (perhaps you may have hunted yourself), you can place the aforementioned animal plaques in that room to complete the look you are going for. People often like to continue a common theme for an entire bedroom, living room, or hallway, be it based on a particular country (like Africa, China, Mexico, America, etc.), a mixed-style based theme, or based on a specific animal species, it's easy to maintain a balance when designing the interior decor of your room with ornamental animal plaques.

Ornamental Figurine Sculptures
Ornamental Figurine Sculptures.jpg

Figurine selection should be done by someone with knowledge of ornamental statues and how they will look, because you need to strike a balance in your home, ideally following the principles of feng-shui (an ancient Chinese system of space arrangement according to special rules about the flow of energy, aimed at achieving harmony with the environment). You also need to meet the general theme you are trying to accomplish with the perfect amount of ornamental sculptures and statues. Our ornamental figurines are available in a wide variety of faux finishes and can be found within our online Gallery of Sculptures by searching using keywords for the statue you are looking for, or you can search by individual sub-categories already listed for our statues. We have a large selection of ornamental figurine sculptures online to help you match almost any motif you’re trying to achieve with our custom faux finishing services, giving you control over the final color and texture of your sculptures.

If you are a new home owner and all the large decorations have been accounted for; what you really need after that is the small decor to be placed on your tables and shelves. This is where ornamental figurines come into the picture. An ornamental figurine is a full-figure statue scaled down to figurine size (for interior decoration purposes), perfect where a highly detailed piece of art is required without taking up too much table or shelf space. All of our figurine sculptures are small and very detailed, a high level of artistry has gone into the design of each scaled down figurine statue. The figurine designs vary; from the little cupid "shooting" arrows to a proud Indian chief, stylish American theme figurines, circus clowns, cartoon characters, skulls, cowboy statues, golf, tennis, football figurine, wedding figurines, woman in dress figurine, and figurines of children, almost any ornamental art subject can be found in our online Sculpture Catalog. If you cant find what you are looking for our art department can have any statue custom sculpted for you using our team of sculptors.

Finding the right decoration for your house is not a problem once you browse our selection of ornamental figurines. Picking the right scaled full-figure statue shows class and individuality. Decorating a room for someone who likes sports? No problem, we even have specialty online figurines that are available cast in bronze, great presented as gifts or awarded as trophies at the end of the year sports awards ceremony (for example).

What is the purpose of ornamental figurine sculptures other than for decoration? I would like to think that there is more to figurine size ornamental statues than the simple use as an interior decoration. Decorations in, and around, your home must hold significant value from a personal and artistic point of view. An ornamental figurine should always inspire a smile, warm thought, or memory!

Ornamental Plaques and Wall Art
Ornamental Plaques and Wall Art.jpg

An ornamental plaque is a wall ornament that illustrates an important event, person, animal, public figure, masks, or emblem [like the boy scout or girl scout plaques]. Wall art plaques are important keepsakes people use for decoration, they can be displayed anywhere, on the walls of your home or office. In this era, where flash is more appreciated than substance, ornamental plaques are being revived as wall art pieces for interior decorating, restyling, and remodeling.

Not all plaques are emblems, some of them are highly detailed pieces of art, drawing inspiration from sculptures that have been compressed, or flattened, similar to the relief artwork of a coin. Some of our plaques depict Greek gods, angels, and everything in between, all of which exude a high level of detail and artistry. Have your wall art plaque custom faux finished with almost any color or texture. We offer a large selection of ornamental wall plaque art pieces available for purchase in our online Art Gallery and in local ornamental art stores that carry our unique statuary line.

Concerned with being pretentious or excessive in regards to decorating your home with ornaments? Think again! Ornaments assert your tastes, in the name of art! Each ornamental plaque is different; representing a symbol, or trait, that you as a person hold most dearly as your connection to that particular wall plaque.

The skill of carving and creating ornament is a careful art which is achieved by our talented artists sculptures. We have ornamental plaques available in carved wood, carved marble, stone or many cast reproduction wall art pieces that can be faux finished to any color you desire or natural stone, marble or bronze that looks like the real material. When you envision ornamentation there are several different styles including Classical Greek and Roman, Old Queen Ann, Victorian style wood carving with motifs of yesteryear and many more. We can have your ornamental plaque and wall art pieces custom made to your exact specifications and design with classical or contemporary style.

Ornamental Religious and Angel Plaques
Ornamental Religious and Angel Plaques.jpg

Many Americans, and people around the globe, consider religion as the driving force that motivates them to strive for goodness in the world. Displaying ornamental religious plaques and angel plaques around your home and office (or workspace) is a great way to show your faith and religious individuality through art. Religious ornamental plaques are exactly what they sound like, small to large sized ornamental relief sculptures that are sculpted in the likeness of Jesus Christ, Angels, the Buddha and religious figurines, including cupid. We have Ornamental Religious Plaques and Angel Plaques available in many sizes and materials including cast reproductions that can be custom faux finished to look like natural stone or bronze and any color combinations you desire.

Ornamental angel and religious plaques are not simply for decoration. They are positive fixtures in your environment that will provide a soothing confirmation and reminder of your faith, that something greater than ourselves is out there! There are large selections of ornamental religious figurines available online, or in ornamental stores that carry our line of religious plaques. So whatever religion you may follow, surely you will find what you are looking for in our online gallery of religious plaques and ornamental angel plaques. Make sure to select the ornamental plaque that best suits you and your family.

Religious plaque art often holds great symbolic significance, and value, to the people that collect angels, Mother Mary, and Jesus ornamental plaques. Religious ornamental plaques are positive objects, more than an aesthetic accent for decorative uses. What I mean is, that angel and religious plaques provide a sense of calm and serenity for those with a religious background. It encourages and reminds us to do good; it is a tangible sign of affirming and being proud of our faith. Believe it or not, many people long for a driving force to encourage them to do good things - at least once in a while, if not every day. A religious plaque is, in itself, an interpretation of faith through art, but it's the message that's important!

Religious ornamental plaques are exactly what they sound like, an ornamental plaque that conveys or illustrates a message of faith through art. Putting religious plaques in and around the house or workplace is a great idea, because it shows faith. Sometimes a driving force is needed to propel people to do great things and persevere when the going gets tough. I think that’s where religion comes in. So if you're religious and you want to decorate your house, why not get a few ornamental religious plaques for your home?

An ornamental plaque that is well placed in your house will promote a soothing environment quite naturally. There are many different religious and angel plaques available in our online Sculpture Gallery, as well as local religious statuary stores that carry our statue art. The most widely available range of religious plaques today are cupid plaques, Jesus Christ plaques, Buddha plaques, angel plaques, and almost anything in between!

We have many different Ornamental Religious Plaques and Angel Plaques cast reproductions available to choose from or if you would like a custom plaque made we have the very talented artist sculptures that can create a piece just as you envision.

Please call our office to place an order or to discuss a custom Ornamental Religious Plaques project.

Paperweight Statues
Paperweight Statues.jpg
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Pedestal and Column Dining Table Bases
Pedestal and Column Dining Table Bases.jpg

Many varieties of column bases exist in today's statuary market. Most of the available columns are spin offs of Roman influenced designs from history. The most popular columns are Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and early Sumerians in origin. Many people don't realize that anyone can order a faux finished column, custom sculpted column, carved natural marble or stone column and also use it as a pedestal to display other statuary or collectable art work. You an use a decorative classical Corinthian base for an impressive table or for use in displaying a monumental life size statue. Our pedestals and column table bases come in several different design styles including traditional classical architecture with Corinthian, Doric and Ionic caps and with either smooth or fluted center shafts depending on the exact look you are trying to achieve. Decorating your home, office, commercial or public facility with the elegance and prestige of full size columns, column dining table base or pedestals will enhance the value and motif of any decor.

Having stylish and ornate columns as the base of your dining table is a great way to accent the interior of your house with a classic and refined look. You can use one large table base such as a decorative Corinthian capital with a glass top for a stunning rich look. Dining table columns evenly disperse the weight that is placed on them and the pedestal dining table distributes the weight of the glass top through each of its columns, offering stability all by themselves (especially with the weight of a glass top). Depending on the size of your dinning table, we can recommend using several columns bases spaced evenly to expand and support the length of a large dinning table. From two columns for a typical coffee table or office work desk, to four columns to a make a base for a larger desk or impressive dining table, our columns can by used to construct almost any type of table, or be used for purely decorative purposes.

Columns are also used as part of much bigger structures such as structural support columns, full length decorative columns, half columns, column capitals, entry ways, porch enhancements and gazebos. In essence, columns can be thought of as standing sculptures used through history to enhance the look of any private or public facilities. Classical columns have been used to adorn buildings from the Greek and Roman era to most all the United States official public buildings and monuments from the White house to the national capital building. Throughout the western world the influence of ancient Roman formal architecture is found in the construction of buildings and art. Often times, columns are perfect as free-standing works of art on their own. Please view our large selection or cast reproduction columns, column dinning table bases, pedestals and statuary. We also have many examples of our real solid carved marble and stone columns you can choose from for value in the material and as a collectable monumental art piece.

To match your column table base with color and design, decorators use similar column pedestals around the room or through out the home for a real classical elegant look. This includes free standing column pedestals with statues, busts and other collectable art work you would like to display. If you like Greek or Roman style decor, interior columns are an excellent decor item for inside your home. Interior columns may be used to separate rooms, creating symmetry in a walkway, or simply to grab people's attention and provide a point of focus in wide open spaces. Kitchen areas are also great places to decorate with columns, giving an architect or carpenter an opportunity to provide visual breaks and additional structural support to an interior space.

For a complete Greek and roman classical formal make over using columns either as structural support columns or decorative to enhance both the interior and exterior of a home or building. You can use half cut columns along a wall on a mirror to give any room a three dimensional look. We offer columns, column dining, tables, pedestals and all similar classical reproduction statuary in several materials including carved marble columns, stone columns, granite columns and cast cement, hydrostone or plaster which can be faux finished in any color, texture you desire. With our carved marble and stone columns and marble pedestals, we can have the carved in any size and custom design you like for small or large statuary projects.

Exterior columns are typically made of a more durable material such as carved real marble, stone, cement, aluminum or fiberglass. Designed for outside decoration, they provide additional decorative appeal and structural support to almost any porch. Exterior decorative and non-structural columns are commonly present in statue gardens and displayed in rows of columns and arches with a statue in the center of each arch column setting. Decorating with a large quantity and variety of columns on the outside and inside of your home or business will immediately make your residence a monumental and impressive talk of your neighborhood. Columns placed in public facilities, businesses, homes, hotels monuments, churches, museums, a central plaza, or a niche have truly shown their worth by how opulent columns have been considered for literally thousands of years

At Statue Sculptures we offer a wide rage, styles and materials of column dinning table bases and pedestal tables including Corinthian capital table bases, Ionic table bases, contemporary table bases, elephant table columns, swan coffee tables, female figures based columns, squarish modern square columns, art deco column tables, regal and Roman table columns, fluted columns, Roman coffee tables, Greek dining tables, smooth shaft columns, leafed dining table bases, Renaissance inspired dining tables, Grecian urn end tables, ancient vase table bases, dragon or griffin base column tables, Corinthian column tables, ornate column bases for tables, octagon pedestal tables, male bust table columns, female bust column tables and goddess table bases.

Please contact our office to discuss your custom table base or pedestal project and our professional staff can help you with ideas, design, budget and time frames.

Pedestal Columns (Large)
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Pedestal Columns (Small)
Pedestal Columns (Small).jpg
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Picture Frames and Mirror Frames
Picture Frames and Mirror Frames.jpg
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Piggy Banks
Piggy Banks.jpg
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Plaque Art and Door Panels
Plaque Art and Door Panels.jpg
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Plates and Bowls in Plaster
Plates and Bowls in Plaster.jpg

Plates and bowls are great designer pieces for your home. Our plates, bowls and plasters can be catagorized from fruits to places. We offer a wide variety of reproduction and also custom art work. We have a wide variety of professionally sculpted plates, bowls and plaster for any customers unique taste. We listen to our customers and try to make anyones imagination turn into reality. With the help of our professional sculptors we help, listen, and deliver these products. Our plates are also available in different colors and sizes. Some bowls show stand in the picture which is also available for purchase. While browsing through our large inventory you can keep in mind customizing a plate, bowl or plaster is very possible. If you have an idea to customize a plates feel free to give us a call. The materials we offer for plate, bowls, and plaster vary on product.

Some specific plates, bowls, and plaster we offer are rosery art plates, waved flower pedal plates, inward spiral plates, grape embeded flower plates, lemon tree plates, raying sun plates, apple tree plates, abstract plates, dual handle bowls, tropical style bowls, grape vine plates, gauntlet bowls, plain bowls, miniature bowls, basket weave imitation bowls, sea shell bowls, fruitfull bowls, bowls to fit on stands, musical instrument plates, fish plates, triangular bowls, circular bowls, and rectangular bowls. Many bowls have unique designs so browsing through our wide selection can be a fun artistic experience.
Religious Figurines and Angels
Religious Figurines and Angels.jpg
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Religious Statues (Large)
Religious Statues (Large).jpg

Religious statues serve as great symbols to remind us of our faith and morals. Whether you are Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish or Hindu, we have statues for your home or place of worship designed to enhance daily life and religious holidays. If you are looking for a Jesus statue, Mary statue, angel statue, Catholic Pope statue, or other religious symbol such as a Buddha statue, child angel statue, Santa Clause statue, Christmas tree sculpture, snowman statue, Saint Nicholas statuary, Mother Mary figurine art, Jesus full-figure statue, apostles John or Paul statue, archangel Michael statue, the Cross (or crucifixion) statue, Moses statue, Piété sculpture, or religious cherub sculpture, we are your source for religious statues and sculpture works of art. We also create custom religious statues and sculptures upon request - just fill out a Custom Art Form. Our large collection of indoor and outdoor Religious Statues is a beautiful way to enhance your home, garden, church or menorial with unique, inspirational reminders of your faith. From simple to sacred, our Statue Sculptures impressive monumental large religious statues display compassion and serenity where ever they are placed.

Many of our clients are donating a specific religious statue to their local place of worship, a religious school and hospitals where they display famious religious statues shch as the Jesus the Saints, Mother Mary and many more. If we don't have the sculpted religious statue you are looking for in-stock, our art department with talented renouned sculptors and marble stone carvres can have a custom statue sculpture made from scratch based on a picture or drawing and your concept. We can have any traditional religious statue made in any size you need and caved in a varaity of marble colors as pure white is the most popular for iconic monumnetal religious statues and memorials.

We're very experienced dealing with cathedrials, churches, temples, synagogues, cathilic schools and hospitials as well as interior decorators and families regarding custom religious statues, religious sculptures, marble memorials, angel statues, gravestones and tombstones.

We understand that each of our clients have a unique religious statue request that only our art department can properly facilitate your custom religious statue project from start to finish. We offer a variety of materials that you can have your religious statue made which includes elaborately carved marble, granite and stone or we can have it cast in bronze for that impressive and devine look of respect. We also have many cast reproduction religious statues available to choose from that are very afforadable and can be foux finished to look like real marble or any natural ston colors you like including faux bronze. We can have these reproductions religious statues cast in hydro stone or cement which can be plased out doors and made to endure the elements.

Religious statues keep you close to your faith each time you look at them in the home, place of worship, garden or other setting. Many religious statues have a story that go with them, signifying something different for each person. We have religious statues for both indoor and outdoor use. If you need anything, from a small figurine to a full figure religious statue, let our art department know what you are looking for and we will research our statue archives to see what we have available. If you are constructing a place of worship, we recommend marble statues for outdoor use and painted castings for the interior. From crucifixes to angels, religious symbols serve to remind us of our connection to the divine.

Statue Sculptures specializes in custom religious memorials & monuments to honor the cherished memories of a loved one with our meticulously hand carved beautiful marble angel statuary. Our sculptor artisans have fashioned beautiful and tasteful cemetery marble monuments designed uniquely for a special lost loved one. We believe in creating a elegant memorial statue with classical beauty that will last through the ages to commemorate the life of someone special, someone whom you love dearly. We offer several different materials to create your cemetery monument including the finest cast bronze, granite and marble to produce an elegant memorial preserving the memory and legacy of your loved. We are a leader of beautiful artistic designed custom marble memorials and monuments and can design and build any size or style monument including any large angel statues, marble sacred statues, marble angel, marble cherubs, religious marble memorial tombstones, headstones and gravestones designed completely to your personal requirements to honoring, commemorate and dignify the death of a loved one with this elegant marble memorial. Holy Family Marble Memorial,

Each majestic Angel Memorial, marble monument and custom memorial is expertly crafted from fine-grained stone to ensure hardness, treated against water absorption, and polished to a high luster or finished in a variety of custom textures. Our custom Marble memorial statues will be made exactly to your specifications and can be carved from any photograph, drawing or example you provide. All our marble and granite cemetery monuments can be changed and altered to incorporate your suggestions when ordering. Also, your marble memorial or monument can be carved to meet your size specifications and requirements. We can also have your memorial markers or memorial plaque custom engraved either on the base or tablet with a lasting message bearing inscriptions with epitaphs in praise of the deceased. Commemorate the death of a loved one with one of our elegant angel monument statues which we can have a matching base providing additional height and a urn attached for that special touch all wonderfully hand carved from fine marble, granite or other stone material making a beautiful memorial for your loved ones resting place

We also have wide variety of religious cast reproductions available on this site as well as our carved marble memorials including Marble Angel of Grief Monument / Weeping Angel Reclining Angel On Heart, Angel Holding Babies, Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception, Angel with Bouquet, Jesus the Good Shepherd, The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Michael Archangel, Angel Monument, Kneeling Angel, Reclining Angel On Heart, Resurrection Angel, Pieta Mother Mary with Jesus, Angel of intercession and many more. May your loved one rest always in peace, commemorating them with a beautiful marble memorial hand carved with artistic mastery and the timeless elegance marble.

Please contact our professoonal staff to help you with your religious statue needs or to create a custom memorial or monument project.
Sculpted Ashtrays
Sculpted Ashtrays.jpg
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Small Animal Figurines
Small Animal Figurines.jpg

We make a variety of small animal figurines, animal statues, and animal sculptures. Since we offer a wide array of small animal figurines you are bound to find more than a few that will certainly catch your attention. If you are an animal lover, you can express your love for animals by ordering an animal figurine to your house or work place. Having an emotional connection to your favorite small animal at your workplace will certainly do wonders for your psyche and motivational level. There is something for everyone in our Animal Figurine catalog of sculpted statues. From wild animals like the African lion, elephant, koala, frog, eagle and bear to cute domesticated pets like dogs and cats. A small animal figurine will surely brighten up any desk, counter top, or table top with the unique look and feel that only animals can inspire - especially once the custom faux finish is applied to the figurine!

Most of our small animal figurines are made with realistic proportions, others are iconic and therefore exaggerated in their proportions. Sticking to realistic proportions means that each small animal figurine has realistic dimensions in proportion to their real life counterparts. Iconic proportionality typically builds on an animal’s already dominant trait, like a Lion’s long mane, the fangs of a snake, etc.

If constant stress and too much work is an everyday thing you have to deal with in your office, why not amuse yourself with an animal figurine - a small diminutive scaled down version of an animal in the form of a sculpture. If you are as prideful as a lion, as fierce as a cat, or as cunning as a hawk, having a small animal figurine to further relate to your primal instincts will do wonders for your comfort level, and your motivation! Having your favorite animal around to look at, in the form of a small figurine, will certainly brighten up your day!

Small Vases, Jugs, and Urns
Small Vases, Jugs, and Urns.jpg
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Statuary Statues (Large)
Statuary Statues (Large).jpg

Our large animal statues come in different sizes, styles, and colors. For example, a large snake statuette can come in different sizes depending on our availability. Our animal statuettes are posed in a seated position, cunning position, and many others. These animal statues can be placed in a home or a business. If you are an animal lover looking through our wide variety of animal statues can be very amusing. Our animal statues also come in different finishes. Semi-gloss and full gloss. A full gloss can give a very appealing gleem to the art-work. Some materials we offer for these are plaster, hydrostone, cement, and marble. When ordering a marble piece the specifications can be endless. A marble sculpture can be made in a completely new style if that is what you like. For example, you can request for a snake contracting a rabbit. Here we listen to our customers and deliver our products accordingly to your specifications. Besides creating a new unique sculpture you can also look through our inventory and make additions and subtrations. This is only available to selected models. We offer high quality sculptures which with our sculptors and artist we can create a completely unique animal statue for any persons taste.

Having courage like a lion, beauty like a peacock, swiftness like a jaguar, and an eye like an eagle you can relate to the animal that you order. This is why we try and create a unique catalog and listen to our customers diligently.

Some specific animals in our catalog are dog statues, eagle statues, wolf statues, fish statues, cat statues, pig statues, horse statues, dolphin statues, swan statues, rooster statues, gargoyle statues, and bull statues.
Statue Animals (Large)
Statue Animals (Large).jpg
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Trinket Boxes and Keepsakes Boxes
Trinket Boxes and Keepsakes Boxes.jpg
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Wall Planters and Sconces
Wall Planters and Sconces.jpg
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