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StatueSculptures.com offers a unique range of custom faux finish painting services for art collectors, home owners, and retail businesses to enhance their statuary art, interior/exterior walls, and architectural decor pieces. Our statues are cast in several different materials such as hydro-stone, plaster, cement, fiberglass, and then they are painted to look the way you want them! Faux painting can also be used quite well on museum quality cast reproductions of classical statues including: Greek and Roman statues, columns, animal decor art pieces, plus many different architectural statuary products to accent your place. Our talented and dedicated staff of professional faux finishers can make your statuary, or interior space, look like real marble in almost any color including: white, gray, peach, travertine, black, red, and even green. Our exclusive classic white faux marble finish is one of our most popular finishes amongst interior decorators, top designers, statue collectors, and art buyers because it looks so much like real marble because even the veins are carefully painted to give it that authentic marble texture. Get a custom faux finish color created for your project by mailing us a physical sample, paint chip, cutout section of a wall, or photograph of the color you want our faux effects painters to exactly match for you. Or you may opt to email us with a digital image, picture, or sketch showing the color that you'd like us to reproduce for you on the statuary item of your choice, or on the interior (or exterior) walls of your home, building, or other structure of note. We can coordinate with your existing color themes and match almost anything. Faux painted effects are the most affordable way to enjoy the rich look of marble while avoiding the cost, yet it is very realistic when compared to real quarried marble stone. Just about any stone texture, earth tone, or metallic color texture that can be found in nature (or otherwise) can be replicated by our faux finish painters and applied to the surface of either your interior, or exterior, walls as well as for our reproductions statuary art pieces from our selection of over 12,000 artworks. Check out our top 30 faux finish painting colors and textures [starting with the metallic colors]: antique bronze finish, antique copper finish, antique silver, verdigris bronze antiquing, brass antiquing, bronze antiquing, copper antiquing, gold leaf antiquing, silver with antiquing, faux brass burnish, faux bronze burnish, faux copper burnish, faux silver burnish, gold leafing. Then as far as varieties of faux marble goes we do: black-white faux marble, green-black faux marble, beige faux marble, peach faux marble, red faux marble, travertine faux marble, white faux marble, and salmon faux marble. Regarding basic painted earth tones we offer: sandstone texture, white-beige antiquing, and plain white. Our painted faux wood finishes include: cherry wood faux finish, neutral wood faux finish, oak wood faux finish, dark walnut faux finish, light walnut finish, and ebony wood faux finish. If your statuary is to be placed outdoors (and depending on your specific project needs) we will apply all of the faux painting, additional exterior coatings, and sealants that are necessary for the sculpture to endure the elements and weathering. Surround yourself with the luxurious style and elegance of ancient Greece and Rome by decorating your home, or business, with our faux marble textures - at a fraction of the cost of real marble! If you'd like a painted finish that you don't already see in out faux finish menu in addition to our standard list of finishes just send us an example photo, or picture file, and tell us what color texture you'd like our painting department to custom create. We will custom finish your statue art piece exactly the way you want us to paint it for you. To help us match your specific colors, or interior decor theme, please send us a photo or a color sample so that we can help you find what you are looking for. Our faux finish painting capabilities are limited only by your imagination! If you don't know what you want yet that's fine too just call us to speak to an expert to help you with more information. Its our job to help you narrow down the perfect paint color, pattern, texture, and finish so that our staff of professional faux finish painters can make it exactly the way you want it. You can choose from several different options: reflective high gloss, medium semi-gloss, or dull flat matte for the final surface texture; Depending on whether you want a intensive glossy sheen or dull and flat non-reflective look to the surface of your statuary art, or home interior walls. Often, we will combine several different faux finishes together for an impressive custom faux finished diversity to the look of your statuary order, or interior space. We recommend that if you are buying a statue and you would like to elevate the art piece up higher (to make it seem more impressive) simply place it on a base with slightly larger proportions. You can choose to either use a base with the same faux finish color as the statue displayed on top or a another faux finish color that goes well with it. Not only do we offer custom faux finish painting for statuary art products, but we also offer the same, and more, faux color textures and related services for your interior walls, exterior walls, ceilings, doors, front gates, office desk, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, living room and dining room furniture pieces, staircase railings, molding, trim, base boards, outside walls, and gates. A faux finish painter can do a lot for a space simply by implanting an intense custom texture with a great deal of depth that occurs with each of the painted layers that accumulate to create the faux effects. Add a splash of color to an otherwise undecorated room and simply create a stunning mood anywhere with our full range of faux painting services. Whether you have a home, commercial building, retail store, restaurant, office, or bedroom that needs a unique facelift our faux painted effects will make an atmosphere where almost anything is possible - something people will remember for years afterwards. At StatueSculptures.com we work with homeowners on residential projects in addition to large commercial projects, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary! We are based in Southern California in Los Angeles County, Canoga Park, in the San Fernando Valley. If you are outside of the Los Angeles area upon request we can arrange for one of our professional faux finishers travel to your location with everything needed for your particular project and get the job done quickly. It is often more difficult than you would think to resource a reputable and experienced faux finisher that really has the knowledge and ability to make your particular project turn out just the way you have it envisioned. It has taken our staff of professional faux painters many years to develop the level of craftsmanship and the eye for color that it takes to create this level of custom faux painted colors - almost impossible to discern from costly real marble, metal, wood, or other stone coloration. Please contact our art department to discuss your custom faux painting needs and to arrange for the texture you would like us to use to paint your statuary pieces, interior, or exterior areas. Every hand painted statuary art piece, home interior, or exterior paint job that we do achieves a museum level of presentation that your co-workers, family, friends, and guests will enjoy for many years to come! Our faux painted effects are a classy alternative to traditional solid color paint, or outdated wall paper, that is commonly applied to interior walls - even when there are alternatives! Faux finish painting effects will transform your plain unpainted, and therefore uncolored, statuary artworks, interior walls, kitchen cabinets, and any other areas of your place that you want to be a majestic setting with our amazing palette of faux colors and textures produced by our team of professional faux finishers. Faux painting effects instantly add a decorative finish to any sculpted art work, or interior space, while simultaneously adding beauty and value to your home, or business. Have your home, or business, custom faux painted by our crew of faux finish painters that can expertly paint anything from statues to furniture pieces, architectural ornaments, as well as interior walls and exterior walls. When it comes to your home or business the color and texture of the walls you surround yourself with set the tone for your work and life! Pick from our list of unique faux finishes, or provide us with a picture of a color texture that you'd like us to match. Our staff of custom painters are experts in faux wood painting, marble painting effects, interior gold leafing, exterior faux finishing, white marble painting on statues, gold leaf on white faux marble, black marble and gold leaf together, verdigris bronze with gold leafing, silver antiquing, old gold, aged copper, old world beige, white beige, peach beige, and sandstone. Our basic solid color faux finishes are less complex whereas our staff of painters sets themselve apart with our premium level multi-color faux finishes like the various colors of faux marble: white marble, black marble, red marble, travertine marble, beige marble, gray marble, green marble, salmon marble, and peach marble. You may choose to order your statue unpainted to save a little money and either leave it that way, or paint it yourself when you have the time and energy. StatueSculptures.com is dedicated to providing museum quality hand carved marble art, cast metal artworks, portraits, and scaled models in addition to our unique faux painting services. Art restoration services are also available for fixing anything from broken fingers to replacing entire damaged parts with newly carved marble, and also we can clean your existing artwork bringing it back to the condition of a art museum level display piece. We also provide on-location faux finishing... our motto is “have paint brushes, will travel!“ Our faux finish crew is available to travel for any jobs that meet our minimum project size requirements for taking our team of expert level faux finish painters to your off-site location anywhere in the world. With over 20 years of faux painting experience our results speak for themselves!
Custom Faux Finish Painting Colors
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Exterior Faux Finish House Column Painting
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Faux White Marble Statues and Classic Art
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Faux Wood Painting of Cabinets, Desks, Doors
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Interior Wall and Column Gold Leafing Painter
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Metallic Verdigris Bronze, Silver, Gold

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Painted Museum Display Boxes, Bases, Columns
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Unpainted Cast Hydrostone Statues
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White and Black Marble Columns, Statues
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White Beige Statue Art and Exotic Earth Tones
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White Faux Marble and Gold Leaf Detailed Art
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