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Motorcycle Fender Ornament Dragon Cycle Artwork
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Another custom art service that we offer is dragon ornament sculpting for a custom motorcycle's front fender. We involve you directly in the art process, from the very beginning with original pencil sketches and photographic sources of inspiration for the project, to the various middle stages involving several dragon concept sculptures and then picking a final direction. See one of our projects evolve from mechanical dragon, to wingless dragon, to folded wings dragon, to water dragon, to a more tapered serpent dragon with a long spiked tail that ends smoothly. Note the adoption of dragon tricep muscles, forearm muscles, and shoulder muscles by our sculptor. Plus, watch the dragon's face evolve from undetailed form to a beautiful fantasy dragon with large flaring ears. The dragons's chest quickly became suggestive of the intake valves of a jet airplane for added effect, but had to be toned down in the final version.


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