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Metal art has been used throughout history for civilizations to document their life experiences with bronze statues, copper statues [like the statue of Liberty] and also carved marble sculptures. Our artisans continue with this tradition by crafting fantastic and valuable marble carvings and welded steal and bronze sculptures for any purpose from memorials to a bust of famous person as well as historically significant figures, events in history, and monumental level projects. At StatueSculptures.com we are proud to sell the very finest in spectacular life-size bronze portrait statues and bronze animals, aluminum busts and relief art, and welded steal sculptures. Each of the bronze art pieces that we produce gets meticulously sculpted first in wax, or clay, and then is molded and cast in bronze once the artwork has been given final approval, then the surface texture is finished to your exacting standards finalized by the application of a patina to protect it and give color or shading to the sculpture. It takes a real master sculptor to make a portrait in bronze (or other metal) with the perfect likeness of that person - or animal for that matter. We specialize in large bronze monuments, custom aluminum statues, steal memorials, and copper plated portraits for private collectors, commercial business, movie studios, churches, local organizations, museums, art galleries, public art exhibits, and property developers worldwide. Our aluminum relief art, sculptures in bronze, and steal statues are available in any shape or size you may need for your project. Our standards for quality are one of the highest in the statuary industry! We offer professionally sculpted and museum quality cast metal art statues that can be purchased directly from our inventory of limited edition sculptures, or have one custom made to your specifications in the metal of your choice. REAL BRONZE CASTING - bronze with a classic aged patina [stained] - bronze with a realistic multi-colored patina - bronze with verdigris antiquing FAKE BRONZE - plaster casting with a faux bronze painted finish - hydrostone casting with a faux bronze painted finish - resin casting with a bronze powder coating - fiberglass casting with a faux bronzepainted finish - cement casting with a faux bronze painted finish OTHER METALS - aluminum casting of a clay sculpture (avail. polished, rough textured, or stained) - welded steal sculpture from sections of sheet metal - copper plated sculpture with an internal armature [like the statue of liberty] StatueSculptures.com offers unique one of a kind collectable masterpieces sculpted by our renowned artists and sculptors. Some of our statuary art pieces are duplicated as limited edition bronzes, an art piece which typically holds its value because of the beautiful level of detail, artistic craftsmanship, and the value of the bronze material itself in addition to the fact that it is collectable fine art. Bronze art statues have been a way to preserve human history for thousands of years depicting human emotions and the animals that existed in their local environment. Make a lasting tribute to a person's memory or to celebrate achievement for your next special event with metal art. Bronze and aluminum art will last virtually forever! That is why it is so important to choose a professional sculptor to create a high quality statue, and often a separate artist to design the artwork, that will be truly timeless. Each bronze art sculpture in our collection was hand crafted and forged using the age old lost wax casting process, plus hand-rubbed patinas on top of the bronze to achieve the highest museum-quality finish. The lost wax casting method ensures the finest quality of the permanent work of art, and with a protective nature of a bronze patina this allows the bronze art piece to be cherished for future generations without excessive oxidation of the artwork. We take pride in our work and we know that our reputation in the art business depends on the level of technical, as well as artistic, skill that we put into every custom work of art, plus the fact that we don't stop working on each project until you are totally satisfied. Thus, we continually striving for perfection in all of our art services to assure that every bronze statue is a one-of-a-kind treasured masterpiece by each client that has commissioned us to do so. If we can help you further your custom art goals let us know via our custom art form, email, or a simple phone call to our office. We always appreciate and value talking with people who can appreciate art. If you are interested in any of the art in our vast gallery collection of beautiful cast bronze reproductions, original aluminum creations, and limited edition welded steal animal sculptures. If you would like to commission a metal art sculpture, or a portrait sculpture carved out of marble, we can make any custom statuary especially according to your vision. To find out more about all of the possible options contact our staff of art professionals at StatueSculptures.com and fill out one of our custom statue art forms. StatueSculptures.com facilitates you so that you can get the art you've always wanted custom made to your artistic preferrences. If you have an idea for a metal art piece, bronze statue, or public monument made in aluminum or bronze, we can help you get your art concept made - just the way you envision it! Custom bronze life-sized portrait statues can preserve your visual concept forever. Using only a simple picture of a person, animal, or other object our art department can recreate it from scratch, as a three dimensional metal art piece. If you see an existing classical bronze art piece, or you find a specific art piece in our online statuary gallery we can have it made in any specific size (or color) according to your ideas and art concepts - made possible by our talented staff of art archive researchers, art designers, sculptors, artists, and casting experts that together make it possible to regenerate any masterpiece. We understand that every customer has their own unique sense of artistic taste. Most of our clients already know exactly where their artwork will be placed and the budget that they have available to complete their project. At StatueSculptors.com we work with our clients to create beautiful and unique custom bronze statues that continue to meet the [often demanding] requirements of the custom art market by accommodating all of your project requirements. Hand made statuary crafted in bronze is a welcome addition to enhance the elegance of any home, personal art collection, park monument, public memorial sites, church, commercial business, and private office with the beauty of historically inspired original bronze artworks. Bronze metal art statues have always been considered powerful, stylish, and even whimsical at times. Often bronze serves as a way to depict human emotions in a lasting tribute to a person, or place. Bronze art statues are built to last nearly forever (at least to out live any human lifespan) and this is why it is so important to use a professional sculptor-artist to design and custom create your high quality monumental bronze statue. Truly timeless, the art of bronze sculpting of statues has been around for many centuries and many of the techniques involved in creating the art is still coveted. Bronze has been used to produce some of the finest art pieces from almost the beginning of human history as early civilizations have documented their life experiences by sculpting physical items from their imagination into bronze art. The Romans, using what they learned from the ancient Greeks, made thousands of bronze statues. Bronze was used to create the statues of th gods, public leaders, heroes, and political figures of the time. Having gained tremendous popularity, especially during the Bronze Age in Europe, bronze could be hammered and cast fairly easily at that time so it was a medium of some convenience. Bronze is often called the “king of metals“ because it not only lasts for centuries, but it also simultaneously maintains its value as a precious metal. Because of the value of bronze, for purposes other than monumental statuary art, it had its disadvantages as to the preservation of history's lost bronze sculptures that can never to recovered. Therefore very little of the ancient Greek and Roman bronze sculptures have survived through the ages. Unfortunately, many of the beautiful bronze statues that were created by the world’s best sculptors were later melted down to make weapons of war, or to create new sculptures commemorating the current victor by melting down statues of the previous political figure. That is why there are far more intact statuary artworks in marble, stone, and ceramic than historical art in bronze that has survived through the centuries - even damaged and broken into fragments they can be priceless for that reason. Not only was bronze used to create statuary monuments and bronze portrait sculptures, it was also used to making body armor, kitchen utensils, and other important household items. Like bronze sculptures were useful thousands of years ago, today sculpted bronze art is still one of the most profound and lasting tributes that you can do to immortalize a person and show elements of their personality and likeness to be preserved for future generations to appreciate. StatueSculptures.com artisans actively continue this tradition every day, crafting and sculpting fantastic bronze art statuary for our clients. We also offer custom trophies in bronze, whether real or fake [for low-budget projects], with engraved award plaques for your next upcoming sports awards presentations, or given as personal achievement awards, and to commemorate any special occasion. We can design a custom full-figure bronze trophy, animal mascot award, or other bronze sculpture for your annual awards events that take place at your school, company, corporation, professional team, club, or other organization. Any piece from our custom examples section of bronze statuary art will make a wonderful and impressive sculpted gift. You will soon find, if you haven't already that is, that our vast collection of over 12,000 artistic sculptures is second to none. So, if you don't see the metal art statuary pieces you are looking for, or you need any additional information about the process and what its going to take to create your own custom bronze statue or sculpture, please call our staff of art professionals. Checkout our other custom art sub-categories to see more examples of our previous, as well as our ongoing, sculpture artworks. Feel free to call our office with any questions and to get more information about our other custom art services. We remake historical bronze statues and the other metal sculptures and we also offer custom art services, plus many people find our searchable catalog of over 12,000 statuary items very useful. We also specialize in custom commissioned one-of-a-kind bronze statuary art for final use as busts, memorials, tombstones, and bronze monuments. Our other types of bronze sculpture pieces includes the following range of subjects: classical reproduction bronzes, custom portraits in bronze, small scale bronze sculptures, life-size bronzes, iconic bronze, bronze sculptures, bronze statues, bronze busts, bronze desktop sculptures, bronze columns, bronze children's statuary art, bronze baby shoes, Western bronze art, bronze art deco, custom bronze outdoor statues, bronze garden statues, bronze water fountains, and bronze religious statues. We have many animal statues available in bronze as well including: African wildlife sculptures, bronze horse statues, bronze dog statues, amazing bronze fantasy creatures, and bronze dragons. For the more eclectic bronze art collector we also produce erotic bronzes, nude male bronze artworks, and bronze female figurines. In addition to offering some of the finest statuary reproduction lines available on the art market today, we also provide valuable art services including: custom art project consulting, custom commissioned bronze art sculptures, wholesale carved marble and stone statuary pieces, memorial monuments, grave markers, custom trophy awards, mold making, faux finish painting, plus fine art repair and restoration for any pre-existing art that may need our attention. * To make a bronze artwork, a clay sculpture must first be completed, then molded and cast in wax, which is then used to make a bronze metal casting with the help of a temporary mold made of sand. Bronze is actually created by melting and mixing two different metals together: copper and tin. By itself tin is much too brittle and breaks far too easily, if not alloyed to another complimentary metal. Likewise, if copper is used by itself its too soft to cast heavy statues. However, when you mix together a small portion of tin into copper it becomes bronze, which is much harder now and at the same time considerably less brittle. Bronze is very resilient and resists corrosion when exposed to weathering better than many other metals and statuary materials. Bronze sculpture casting uses a technique that goes back to antiquity for preserving statuary monuments from ancient times. Both the ancient Greeks and Chinese mastered the lost wax bronze sculpture casting process which was later revived during the Renaissance period and widely practiced until more modern times. We also provide less expensive alternative materials that have the look of real bronze thanks to the amazing painting techniques of our staff of professional faux finish painters.
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