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Wholesale Statue and Sculpture Art Bulk Discounts

StatueSculptures.com offers some of the best bulk discounts available for statue, sculpture, and art buyers of all kinds worldwide. Our annual volume of sculptures, acquired or otherwise produced, is so high that it allows us to carry over to our clients incredible wholesale pricing for almost any statuary piece [sculptures and statues] made in marble, bronze, and even custom faux painted cast reproductions. Once we know exactly what sculpted artwork you are looking for we will provide you with an up-to-date price quote if it is something you don't already see in our online catalog of over 12,000 sculptures. To get a discount on statuary our items and the best wholesale pricing we can offer you need only to place a bulk order of statuary items, as a prerequisite.

Wholesale Statues Made to Your Specifications
Contractors find us useful when their clients need something custom fitted to a particular house, or building, like a marble doorway, fireplace mantel, or a bronze statue as a entry centerpiece. Because we have no difficulty getting columns produced to exact the dimensions you require (in terms of column height, base width, and shaft diameter) so that there won't be any issues when it comes time to installing them in your client's custom home, office building, a school, or even a church. Much of our religious statues in particular are used to embellish churches from Mother Mary statues that we recently outfitted for a new church in Canada all the way to a custom portrait of a Bishop for a entirely different church in Houston, Texas. Weget a lot of unique projects in our line of business, from custom gravestone sculptures with a winged angel holding two deceased babies, to a more simple relief art engraving for a headstone marker, made in solid granite. When our staff of stone carvers, our art department, and the creativity of our clients combine together there isn't anything that we can't get made from a concept drawing, or photograph, to an original full-sized sculptural masterpiece!

Wholesale Marble, Stone, and Faux Paint Color Matching
Interior decorators that want an entire room, or house, to match regarding the type of marble, or other stone material, that is used for carving the columns, fireplace, or urns and other statuary art pieces, including: busts and full-figure statues. We can also match almost any color(s) using expert level faux finish painting techniques that can be applied to interior molding [before being installed on walls] and various other cast architectural decor items like columns, pedestals, fireplace, vases, and urns. Tie together the color elements of an interior design with our faux painting services with over 30 standard finishes to choose, and more! With talented staff of sculptors and carvers we give our clients the freedom to get their design ideas carved into wood, marble, or have it cast in various metals: bronze, brass, and aluminum. Often, it is worse to order your interior decor items piece-by-piece and hope that all of the stone textures you bought separately will match up. Why do that when you can order all of the marble, or faux painted statuary pieces, to match an entire room, or house interior design, perfectly with all of the colors coordinated right from the beginning stages of your project using just one company that will ensure everything is consistent and goes together well at the end of the day.


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