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Gold Leaf Marble Girl Statue, Marble and Gold Columns
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Here is a business that has gold accented specific parts of a statue and the cap of a column. This business also has matching Greek columns, a base and a statue. Gold accenting can be placed anywhere in a business or home. We are able to handle minor and major products of gold accenting. To match the gold accenting we also offer matching statuary, columns and other decorative art pieces. This will fulfill any type of theme you want to project in your home or business. Purchasing matching art work with gold accenting can bring conformity to any room of your home or business. We are located in Los Angeles,California, but if you are located elsewhere in the United States, we can have our contractors fly to your home or business. To satisfy all of our customers’ needs we also offer faux gold, statuary, and also many other products. If any of these interest you you can call the officeor fill out an order form for moreinformation.

Gold leafing is just one service that we offer for interior gold designing. Gold leafing is a style that our artists draw on any typeof item. Some items that have been accented with gold leafing are columns, picture frames and railings. There have been many other places that gold leafing has been added.

For the sake of all of ourcustomers we also offer faux gold. Faux gold is imitation gold. There are three types of glosses that can be added to faux gold. The three types of glosses that can be added to faux goldare semi-gloss, gloss and full gloss. Full gloss gives off more of a gold sheen than semi-gloss. The texture is also an attribute you are able to control. Two textures you are able to choose from are antiquing or a modern texture. Depending on the surrounding furniture and design of your home or business our artists can recommend to you what type of texture will best match your home or business.

Products that will look great with gold accenting on statuary and columns are furniture. While looking through our extensive list of statuary, columns and furniture, remember, you can add gold accenting anywhere you like.

Again, if this is something you are interested in you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.


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