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Faux Peach Wall and House Painting with Marble Veins
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As shown in these pictures, services that we offer is to create a orange, beige, peach or any color marble exterior paint. This is done by our highly experience faux finisher. Our faux finisher is able to replicate any type of material such as copper, bronze, and gold. Faux finishing can be applied to almost any part of the home or product. These patterns are also available in any color. Along with the faux finishing we also offer an antique trim along windows, walls and gates. We can also create a distressed garage door to not make it look brand new. Faux finishing also requires for us to match the home with other entities such as the wall and gate. Security bars on the windows can also be installed by our staff. Using these decorative faux finishings it can give more of an appeal to any home instead of a solid color.


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