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Faux Bronze Repaint: Grecian Urn, Garden Vase, Lamp
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We offer many real and faux urns. Repairing and repainting urns is also something that we offer. If this is something that you are interested in you can call the office for more information. We reside in Los Angeles California but we can have our contractors fly to anywhere in the United States. Some cases we can have our contractors fly worldwide.

By placing urns on top of our center block columns between our metal gates and fence you can enhance the class of your property. As people by they will see the uniqueness of your home. These urns can be cast in cement and finished with antique bronze or antique copper. There are many other types of materials that can be made of an urn. Custom metal fencing can also be designed and ordered. These steal fencing can be in any custom configuration that you like. Whether it is a sketch, drawing or picture we can replicate it. Painting these urns and railings can also replicate other metals such as gold and bronze. Obviously, real or faux urns and railings are available.

We carry decorative and lighting urns. We have a tremendous amount of styles of urns that can be custom fitted into cement walls and steel railings. We also have urns that can be used to plant flowers and small trees. Matching these urns to railings and the painting of the walls and home can be done with our company. Whether you have a small or large project to be done we have done many projects that left our customers satisfied.

Other products and services that we offer that can complement these urns and railings are statues and fountains. Our statues and fountains can also be faux or real. These are great for the outdoors and our company also offer repairs and touch ups for these products. Again, if this is something you are interested in you can call the office or fill out an order form for more information.


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