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Traditional art portraits, commissioned by our staff, often gets passed down through family lines as heirlooms and makes a great way to honor someone’s life in any private, public, or business environment. Commemorative portrait sculptures capture a person's character and life energy distilled and immortalized into a permanent sculpture that is either carved in marble, stone, or sculpted in wax and then cast in bronze - preserving the memory of this important person forever! An enhanced sense of community and historical pride often emerges when current and future generations become inspired by the heroic individuals and legacies that are depicted in a statuary art piece. Sculpted and painted portrait art has been a part of the human experience since Paleolithic times [cave paintings, for example, continue to awe people to this day] and serve as an instant invitation for the art viewer to learn something about the person, or other art subject, that is being honored through sculpture or paint. Throughout human history artists have taken people living during their time and immortalized them with a realistic portrait sculpture with the likeness of the individual. In the age before photographs, only artists could re-create a person as they would have appeared at that time, or stage, in their lifetime largely through either a portrait painting, or sculpted portrait - we provide both art services! It is through honoring the people, events, and places where our history was made that we can remember those who came before us and those that have contributed something meaningful. Anyone making our present world a better place to live deserves to be celebrated with a portrait! At StatueSculptures.com we believe that when people look at a portrait, whether sculpted or painted, that they should be able to learn something meaningful in the expressions and personality of the person that was depicted, by our team of sculptors and artists. When a portrait sculptor, or artist, immortalizes people during a specific era while they were living, this known as a “living portrait“ in the art world. When a portrait is based on historical events that came before them a kind of alchemic passing of knowledge transpires where past events inspire the artist to work during his time to inspire future generations as the artwork survives for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. There are several different portrait art styles that have been consistent throughout human history with their distinct differences including: classical heroic, realistic (veristic), abstract, and tribal art. The Greeks used a characteristic style that emphasized the more idealizing elements of the portrait subject, known as “classicizing.“ Classical sculpting methods were choosen to accommodate the Greeks own personal tastes and to replicate the divine god-like images from their culture. Classicism, a.k.a. classical art, in sculpture typically seeks to be formal and somewhat restrained with a high regard for antiquity; Setting the standard for which the classicists emulated in their art, particularly during the Age of Reason and the Age of Enlightenment. Sculptors using this style of art would create a more idealized character rather than an exact and realistic portrait of how the subject actually looked at the time. Hellenistic portraits, to a large extent, are the best known works of Greek sculpture art and belong mostly to a very specific period of just a few hundred years in ancient Greece - before the Vikings and other invaders disrupted the production of art through war and conquest. Hellenistic art became active and dynamic as it realistically displayed a wide range of emotions and it has a high degree of visual impressability. The portrayal of painful moments and dynamically expressed emotions is the basis of most of the sculpted Greek portrait statues. With expressive three-dimensional compositions, the Greek sculptors created and maintained their distinct sense of classical hyper-realism. Greek sculptors and master artists were relatively loose and explorative in their portrait sculptures while representing the character of their subjects with dynamic themes such as: idealized beauty, victorious confidence, physical struggle against an adversary, pain and suffering, sleep, and even old age. The post-classical veristic art style, on the other hand, takes a more naturalistic approach, especially in portraitures, by incorporating an extreme form of realism quite consistantly. Veristic styled portrait artworks made at that time show that a more realistic form of sculpting, or rather carving in marble, was favored over likening the subject to a god (as in classical style art). Romans were, especiall the political figures of the late Replican period, sculpted showing all of their human imperfections and assymmetries. A veristic sculpture artist attempts to reproduce the exact appearance of the subject with truthfulness and an unscrupulous level of attention to detail, often repudiating idealization and imaginative over interpretation. The veristic form of portrait art, where often sculptures or paintings are described as having “warts and all“ shows all of the imperfections of the subject faithfully reproduced including: scars, warts, hairline, and wrinkles. It zeroes in on the minuscule details of the human body and head. That's why the art subjects of the so-called “veristic“ portraits of the late Republic holds such special fascination for art historians and researchers because the fine facial details tell us almost exactly what they looked like. The modern preference for portraits is to use a contemporary subject, instead of a legendary or idealistic heroic subject, and sculpt the subject somewhere between the classical and veristic styles of sculpture art to produce a sculpted masterpiece that is both realistic and slightly flattering. It takes a real master sculptor to create a portrait sculpture in marble, bronze, stone, or metal material while creating a perfect likeness of a specific person or species of animal. StatueSculptures.com is a world leader in bronze, marble, and reproduction trophy awards, portrait sculptures, portrait statues, portrait paintings, and other portrait art mediums. We have hand picked our artists and sculptors by selecting only those with an outstanding and uniquely creative approach to the art of making portraits. We work with some of the most renowned artists and sculptors from around the globe to produce unique one-of-a-kind commissioned sculpture masterpieces for private or public display and for monuments of historical significance. In addition to offering one of the finest statuary lines available in the art market today, we also provide other valuable art industry services including: custom commissioned artworks, mold making, bronze casting, art repair and restoration, statue refinishing, and art consulting. If you don't see the statuary piece you are looking for in our large collection of over 12,000 reproducable statuary pieces [using our site links or search box form] we can have one custom made just for you in any size, dimension and medium/material you prefer, including: cast bronze, carved wood, solid marble, or other stone. Have your next personalized portrait made by our team of uniquely talented sculptors and artists. At StatueSculptures.com we believe clear and open communication is the foundation for a successful working relationship so that the portrait sculpture you envision will be achieved by coordinating everything perfectly between our art departments and our clients. Once we review all of the details for your sculpture including: the size, dimensions, pose, expression, style, and final finish, our professional staff will then provide you with a comprehensive art quote for all of the costs involved, whilst considering the exact timeframe that you need it in - especially if you have an absolute deadline to meet. To achieve a convincing likeness of the individual, our skilled artists and sculptors have to make a series of intensive observations, studying every aspect of the subject’s bone structure, muscle proportions, and unique individualistic features they may have that captures the individual's character, personality, mannerisms, expressions, and even their fashion style at the point in their life that the portrait is to be based. Please review our remarkable custom portrait bronzes and previous marble statuary art projects created by the artists and sculptors at StatueSculptures.com. These unique one-of-a-kind limited edition art reproductions include: monumental projects, bronze portrait bust sculptures, marble portrait busts, cast bronze art portraits, multiple children statues (as a group of portraits), angelic memorials for cemetary head stones, wildlife bronzes, portraits of pets hand sculpted, outdoor garden statues, portraits as carved wood sculptures, reproductions of statues for use as team trophy awards, bronze portrait busts, and entire family portraits created with the same thoughtful attention to detail that makes each of our portrait artworks a true masterpiece. Once you commission an art project from us we will begin to provide you with pictures during the entire art creation process at every phase of your custom portrait sculpture, or portrait painting. During this time you may direct us to make any important changes to the artwork, or minor additions, that you may deem necessary by working collaboratively with our art department. It is important to us that you are on-board at every step of the way to ensure that the project is headed in the right direction from the vary beginning. We make sure that the three-dimensional portrait [or two-dimensional portrait in the case of a drawing, painting, or illustration art] is made according to your desires and expectations. Once the sculpting phase is finished, and the clay rendition is complete, we must have your approval before the portrait sculpture will be cast to produce the final finished one-of-a-kind portrait masterpiece that will become a permanent artwork. Having a portrait sculpted as a bust, or a full-figure sculpture, helps preserve the memory and essence of the person, or people, who are the subjects of the artwork - forever to be a valued art piece! If you are interested in having a unique custom portrait sculpture made of a person living, a lost loved one, a historical person, a public figure, or anyone else you would like to commemorate, honor or pay tribute to we have the experienced and professional staff of renowned sculptors and artists that can create a one-of-a-kind portrait sculpture, drawing, or painting exclusively for you! Any portrait sculpture that is cast in bronze, or carved in beautiful natural marble, will instantly become a cherished family heirloom, an impressive grave marker, and a prestigious tribute immortalizing a very special person in this world. Our staff of talented sculptors and artist work with you one-on-one to create the perfect design that reflects your individual goals, and sense of artistic style. We are dedicated to extremely realistic life-sized full-figure portraits as well as more economical sculpture busts. Our artists work directly from the subjects themselves (when they are available) or more common, and convenient to both parties, the work is done from a narrow selection of photographs that captures not only the details, likeness, and unique physical features of the individual but also his or her unique character and spirit. If you have an idea for a bronze portrait statue, bust, marble portrait carving, portrait painting or drawing, or for any other type of custom artwork we can help you develop your project from the concept phase all the way to the full scale creation of the artwork; Making exactly what you have envisioned the art piece should look like once it is totally done. At StatueSculptures.com we take pride in every artwork and we know that our business depends on the quality of our reputation in the custom art world - established by our clients. We ensure that every client of ours is fully satisfied by our performance by continuing to work until the job is fully approved by you. Thus, we continually strive for perfection within our art services division, assuring that every marble and bronze portrait statue will be one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Let us know how we can help you get your art concept made into a reality. We always appreciate and value the ideas of our clients by keeping their ideas and project information private. Contact our office direcly to discuss your custom portrait sculpture, portrait painting, portrait drawing, or other sculpted or carved artwork you wish to see get made. . Please fill out a custom art quote form with all of your information and art ideas. Our art staff will provide you with an accurate quote within 24-48 hrs and more detailed information about your project to help guide you along the way. Often a bust that is sculpted of only the subject's neck and head is enough to create a full-figure statue from. If the sculpture is then covered with clothing so that the outfit covers most of the body by wearing long pants, or a long dress in the case of a woman's figure, with the addition of the left and right hand this is enough to make a convincingly realistic full-figure statue without having to carve (or sculpt) the torso, arms, or legs therefore greating reducing the costs. If you would prefer for your sculpted portrait to be wearing clothes then putting extra work into the covered portions is somehwhat unnecessary anyways so you can save money instead and skip it. In addition to offering some of the finest commissioned portrait sculptures we also provide other valuable art services including: custom life-size statues, monumental commissioned sculpture artworks, custom mold making, reproduction art casting services, fine art and statue repair and art restoration, metal statues, marble carvings, bronze art, faux finish painting, custom carved wood art, custom interior refinishing, memorial monument creation, custom trophies, and professional art consulting services.
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