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Custom Fireplace Artist and Firescreen Statue Sculptor
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We offer a wide variety of different fireplaces from materials and styles. In this particular section we have sculptors and artists to create custom fireplaces with beautiful art. What we also offer are fireplace screens. These screens can be any style from people, abstract designs, and animals. If you would like to purchase a firescreen, fireplace, or art engraved fireplaces you can call the office or fill out a form below for further information.

Firescreens are used to keep the heat of a place controlled. Fireplace screens can make a fireplace look better when it is not even in use.

If you have a drawing of art that you would like placed anywhere in your home we can do that for you. This section in particular, we can create artistic designs on a fireplace. The designs can be from railed, smooth, diamonds, animals, people, flowers, Gods, children, and abstract art. After picking a design and shape, you would then pick a medium for the fireplace screen or fireplace. The mediums we offer are bronze, alluminum, gold, silver, marble, and others. If you wanted to purchase a marble fireplace it would need to be carved by hand. Creating a custom marble art fireplace is great because you can construct it in any way you like. But, when you purchase a bronze medium, for example, a cast is made, if a cast isn't made already. After the cast is made you can pick any medium. The mediums we offer are aluminum, copper, bronze, gold, or silver. An option that you have is to purchase a plated art piece.

We have a wide variety of fireplace screens available. But we also offer custom fireplace screens. These screens can be repeating patterns or one abstract art piece.

Creating custom fireplaces and accesories are great for personal use and architectual purposes in a home or business.


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