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Custom Carved Family Coat of Arms with Lions
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Have you ever been interested in finding your specific coat of arms? Do you have afamily coat of arms, or heraldic design, that you would like etched out on wood or any other material?Our company deals with custom coat of arms into wood and other material, creations which can be made in any size. This means you can create new fonts colors and many other things.We have many styles that range from an amateur carving into a very exquisite expert carving. If you would like to purchase a family coat of arms you can call the office or fill out an order form below for more information.

We have two ways that we are able to craft a family coat of arms. We can have it computer processed or have our expert carvers craft it by hand. When using a computer to process a picture it creates it into a 3D image. You can request the wood carving to be convexed or raised. Convexed is when the lettering is created by carving the wood down. But, raised is when the wood is shaven all the way do to make the lettering look raised.

Coat of arms has been used for centuries from ancient Egypt to this day throughout the world. Coat of arms is a design that is uniquely made for families, a person, and corporations. In history, coat of arms was made because it was used when fighting in tournaments or wars. In wars, people wore helmets and it was hard to recognizefrom allies and foes. So, everyone used these crests on shields to indicate who is on which team. Creating the coat of arms for war went across the nation from priests to officials and then was used to sign documents. Eventually, peasants and other people within the nation used it for their family and professions. Through the early times of heraldry, coat of arms was restricted to where it can be made, and to whom. Now, in the 21st Century, educational uses of coat of arms are regulated, in America, as trademarks.

The different types of wood we carry are mahogany and redwood. Mahogany is grown throughout the world. Depending on many things we can get you the desired material. Keep in mind whencreating a coat of arms wood carving we can also create it in any other material. Some materials we offer are marble, limestone, granite, silver, bronze, and many others. Additionally, we can also create wood imitation on furniture or art work.

Other types of wood carvings that we have created are engravings, animals, Gods (or God), and furniture. Other types of carvings we also do are signs and family logos.


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